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M.U.B.S: A Partner in Two TEMPUS Projects

The selection results of the second Call for Proposals to be funded from Tempus IV have now been finalised. 69 (out of 608) proposals have been recommended for funding from the Tempus grant. These proposals were evaluated by the Selection Committee, using the eligibility criteria, exclusion criteria, selection criteria and award criteria stated in the Call, to insure they were of high quality.

The preliminary results were then sent to the EC Delegations, National Tempus Offices and relevant National Authorities in the Partner Countries for consultation, to ensure that they are in line with national higher education policies in the Partner Countries. MUBS results were fantastic as it is a partner in two of the 69 selected projects:

1. 158979-Tempus-UK-Tempus-SMGR: Leadership in Higher Education Management
2. 159210-Tempus-ES-Tempus-JPGR: Towards an internationalisation of higher education network for MEDA region

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