Cooperation Protocol Between M.U.B.S. and the Chouf Industrialists Group

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Cooperation Protocol Between M.U.B.S. and the Chouf Industrialists Group

Under the patronage of his Excellency Mr. Walid Joumblat, M.U.B.S. and the Commission of Cooperation among the Economic Sectors in AL Chouf launched a survey project covering all economic sectors in the area aiming to analyze the present situation and suggest ways to trigger further development.

A reception was held for the purpose at M.U.B.S.- Damour on Thursday 5 May 2011 at 4:30 pm attended by a large audience including the municipalities' councils of the villages concerned.

The reception was also an occasion for the signature of a cooperation protocol between M.U.B.S. and the Chouf Industrialists Group according to which M.U.B.S. offers its experts' advice and support to establishments in needs in exchange of more job offers and trainings provided by the group to M.U.B.S. graduates and students.

Many delivered speeches during this reception and were presented by Mr. Toni Nohra, a member of the Group. Mrs. Abir Takieddine Bou Diab, the project coordinator, spoke of the importance of the survey to the area. She presented a brief overview of the main aims of the questionnaire and the importance of involving M.U.B.S. students in such a project. The Commission head Mr. Talaat AL Lahham emphasized the importance of the cooperation between the commission and M.U.B.S. to realize this ambitious project.

Mr. Bahij Abou Hamzeh spoke for the Lebanese Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Ziad Bekdach spoke for the Lebanese Industrialists Association, and they both stressed statistics as a lever for economic growth and sustainability.

M.U.B.S. chairman Dr. Hatem Alamy insisted on the role universities can play in serving the community and his belief of the complementary role played by educational institutions and the job market.

His Excellency Depute Elie Aoun delivered a speech on the behalf of Mr. Joumblat in which he deeply appreciated the role M.U.B.S. and the Commission are playing in fostering development in the Chouf.

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