QAHEL:Quality Assurance for Higher Education in Lebanon
MUBS has been awarded a second EU project titled Quality Assurance for Higher Education in Lebanon (QAHEL). The objective of this project is to make the Lebanese Higher Education Institutions aware of the European Quality Assurance processes and to help them reform their higher education systems by achieving greater compatibility and comparability with the European systems of Higher Education. The grantholder of the project is the University of Sunderland (UK), the co-ordinator is MUBS (Lebanon) and the other partners are American University of Beirut (Lebanon), Beirut Arab University (Lebanon), CERAM (France), Hariri Canadian University (Lebanon) and Directorate General of Higher Education in Lebanon. The deadline of the project is March 2008.

The general objective of this project is to make the Lebanese higher education institutions aware of the European higher education quality models and to allow them to benefit from the European experiences in the field of quality assurance through:

  • Designing and developing three training guides in quality assurance for higher education.
  • Training Lebanese academics to become experts in the field.
  • Encouraging and help higher education institutions to establish their own institutional quality centers.
  • Benefiting from this program as a base for institutional self-improvement in the field.

The outcomes of this project are:

  • Preparing training guides in the field of quality assurance and making them available to all institutions of higher educations through the project website.
  • Training Lebanese academics (from all Lebanese higher education institutions) on higher education quality assurance.
  • Suggesting performance indicators and standards for quality assurance for the Lebanese higher education institutions.

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