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M.U.B.S. Visits the Minister of Education & Higher Education

A committee representing the M.U.B.S Board of Trustees, recently paid a visit to the Minister of Education & Higher Education, Dr. Hassan Mneimneh, in the presence of the Director General of Higher Education, Dr. Ahmad Jammal. The committee was headed by the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Hatem Alamy, and included Dr. Ali Cheaib, Dr. Issam Jawhari, Mr. Mounir Hamzeh, and Dr. Nael Alami.

The committee members thanked Dr. Mneimneh, and the Ministry, for all of their support throughout the academic year and during the HEIC 2010 Conference. Dr. Alamy then presented Dr. Mneimneh with a plaque of appreciation.

Dr. Mneimneh discussed the Ministry’s various perspectives on the current situation of academic quality, standards, and improvements for the coming years. He expressed his gratitude to those institutions which stayed within and aided the academic quality process.

During the visit the committee discussed the possibility of opening up a Faculty of Health Sciences, and discussed the current growth and capabilities of M.U.B.S.

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