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MUBS Virtual Exchange Program with Stanford University

Study alongside leading scholars from prestigious American universities

 Building on Stanford University’s unique implementation of the OpenEdX online learning platform, MUBS Virtual Exchange Program will link courses in the U.S. and Lebanon to build capacity and relationships through virtual educational exchange. 

 The program will structure advanced collaboration technologies, including web videoconferencing, virtual whiteboards, shared text annotating, discussion boards, and chat rooms, around a challenging problem-based learning curriculum developed in close cooperation with San Jose State University in California, Georgetown University, George Washington University in Washington, DC, Stanford University in California, and MUBS in Beirut.

 Through dynamic, experiential learning the program will build capacity of students in both countries. Under the guidance of experienced facilitators, the program will also give students an opportunity to explore perspectives on difficult issues in an academic safe space prior to their entrance into their professions, where pressing deadlines, security challenges, and employer/employee power differentials can exacerbate cross-cultural misunderstanding, inhibiting open and balanced exchange of ideas.


  • To build the capacity of U.S. and Lebanese students in ways that meet the highest standards of efficacy and efficiency
  • To improve cooperation between U.S. and Lebanese students and scholars by increasing their understanding of international protocols, as well as corresponding protocols within each society
  • To break down stereotypes and increase understanding of different political, economic, and cultural perspectives, encouraging and empowering U.S. and Lebanese students and scholars as thought leaders within each society

Individuals and institutions interested in joining the program, contact Dr. Nael Alami (

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