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Fall 2016-2017

Code Title Sect Day Time
English/French Remedials & General Requirements

ENG102 Upper Intermediate English A MTWTh 9:00-10:30
ENG101 Intermediate English A MTWTh 12:30-2:00
ENG100 Fundamentals of English A MTWTh 2:15-3:45
ENG101 Intermediate English B MTWTh 5:30-7:00
ENG102 Upper Intermediate English B MTWTh 7:00-8:30
ENG202 Public Speaking A MW 10:45-12:15
MTH101 Basic Math B MW 10:45-12:15
CSC201 Fundamentals of Computers & Applications B MW 12:30-2:00
ARB201 Appreciation of Arabic Language and Literature B MW 12:30-2:00
BAS101 Basic Science A MW 12:30-2:00
ARB201 Appreciation of Arabic Language and Literature A MW 4:00-5:30
FRE101 Français I  A TThF 9:00-10:30
ENG201 Language and Composition A TTh 10:45-12:15
BUS298 Sustainable Employability Skills for Business A TTh 4:00-5:30
CSC201/2 Introduction to Business Applications A TTh 5:30-7:00
CSC201 Fundamentals of Computers & Applications A TTh 4:00-5:30
MTH101 Basic Math A TTh 5:30-7:00
ENG204 Critical Thinking A F 9:00-12:00


MGT303 International Management A MW 9:00-10:30
MKT302 Service Marketing A MW 10:45-12:15
BUS201 Business Math A MW 10:45-12:15
ECO201 Microeconomics A MW 12:30-2:00
BUS206 Business Law A MW 1:00-2:30
BUS210 Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility A MW 4:00-5:30
MGT201 Introduction to Management A MW 4:00-5:30
MKT309 Strategic Marketing A MW 5:30-7:00
ACC201 Principles of Accounting I A MW 5:30-7:00
ACC303 Cost Accounting A MW 7:00-8:30
MGT305 Project Management A MW 7:00-8:30
ACC201 Principles of Accounting I B TTh 9:00-10:30
BUS204 Business Statistics with Computer Applications I A TTh 10:45-12:15
BUS207 E-business A TTh 12:30-2:00
MGT201 Introduction to Management B TTh 12:30-2:00
BUS204 Business Statistics with Computer Applications I B TTh 4:00-5:30
ECO202 Macroeconomics A TTh 5:30-7:00
FIN301 Financial Markets & Institutions A TTh 5:30-7:00
BUS201 Business Math B TTh 7:00-8:30
BUS207 E-business B TTh 7:00-8:30


MGT201/F Introduction au Management A MW 9:00-10:30
ECO202 Macroeconomie A MW 10:15-12:30
ENT301/F Entreprenariat A MW 12:30-2:00
MKT306/F Service du Consommateur A TTh 10:45-12:15


MKT501 Marketing Management A M 5:30-8:00
MGT501 Managing Individuals and Organizations A W 5:30-8:00

Computer Science

CSC302 Computer Application for Business A MW 9:00-10:30
CSC210 Computer Architecture A MW 10:45-12:15
CSC209 Object Oriented Programming A MW 12:30-2:00
CSC317 Routing and Switching Essentials (CCNA 2) B MW 5:30-7:00
CSC202 Programming I A MW 7:00-8:30
CSC202 Programming I B TTh 9:00-10:30
MTH203 Linear Algebra A TTh 10:45-12:15
MTH201 Calculus III A TTh 5:30-7:00
CSC205 System Analysis A TTh 7:00-8:30

Master CS

CSC605 Network Security A M 6:00-9:00
CSC502 High Performance Computer Architecture A T 6:00-9:00
CSC608 Cloud Computing A W 6:00-9:00


HUM201 Human Rights A MW 10:45-12:15
GLU201 Global Understanding A MW 4:00-5:30
SPO202 Sports Nutrition B MW 5:30-7:00
LAN201 Languages - Spanish A TTh 10:45-12:15
SPO202 Sports Nutrition A TTh 12:30-2:00
POL201 Introduction to Political Science A TTh 2:30- 4:00


ART203 Color Theories A MW 9:00-10:30
GRA303 Graphic Design III A MW 9:00-10:30
GRA213 Packaging A MW 10:45-12:15
GRA204 Typography I A MW 10:45-12:15
GRA203 Introduction to Computer Graphics A TTh 9:00-10:30
GRA206 Graphic Design I A TTh 10:45-12:15
GRA201 Fundamentals of Design I A TTh 10:45-12:15
GRA212 Story Board A TTh 12:30-2:00
ART201 Fine Arts A F 2:00-5:00

MBA Social Work

SW6001 Political Processes A S 8:00-10:00
SSW601 Social Case Management A S 10:00-12:00
ECO501 Business Economics Analysis and Forecasting A S 12:00-2:00
MKT501 Marketing Management B S 2:00-4:00

MSW (not on UMS)

SW6004 Political Process A S 8:00-10:00
SSW601 Social Case Management A S 10:00-12:00
SW5011 Mental Health A S 12:00-2:00


EDU209 Introduction to Special Education A    
ECE305 Early Childhood Curriculum A MW 2:15-3:45
EDU201 Fundamentals of Education A MW 4:00-5:30
EDU202 Introduction to Educational Psychology A MW 5:30-7:00
EDU304 Elementary Science Curriculum A MW 7:00-8:30
EDU207 Curriculum Planning and Design  A 5:30-7:00
EDU213 Field Experience Observation & Analysis  A F 2:15-3:45
EDU206 Methods of Teaching  A TTh 4:00-5:30
EDM301 Introduction to Educational management A TTh 5:30-7:00
EDM304 Management of Finance and External Relations A T 7:00-8:30
EDU212 Educational Measurement Assessment & Evaluation A Th 7:00-8:30


EDU400 Foundations of Education  A MF 4:30-5:30
EDU402 Educational Psychology  A M 5:30-7:30
EDU404 Classroom Management  A F 5:30-7:30

Faculty of Health and Sciences

PCH303 Community Mental Health A MW 9:00-10:30
CHM101 Elementary Chemistry A MW 10:45-12:15
PCH205 Health, Disease and Lifestyle A Th 10:30-12:30
PCH301 Economy in Health Care A MW 1:00-2:30
BIO101 Elementary Biology A MW 2:15-3:45
PHY101 Elementary Physics A TTh 2:15-3:45
VIS308 + L Ophthalmic Concepts III + Lab  A W Lec
F Lab
VIS401 + L Optometry III + Lab A TTh Lec
Th Lab
VIS306 + L Binocular Vision + Lab A M lec
M Lab

BAL Undergraduate

Level 4

ENG4001 General English A MTWTh 9:00-10:30
BHL4007 Managing People and Organization A MW 10:30-12:00
BCO4008 Introduction to Information System A MW 12:00-1:30
BRM4007 Personal Development Planning A TTh 10:30-12:00

Level 5

BSP5068 Business Operations and Improvements A TTh 10:45-12:15
BRM5035 Business Research Methods A TTh 12:30-2:00
BAC5013 Money, Banking and Risk A TTh 2:00-3:30

Level 6

BSP6064 Leadership and Change Management A MW 4:00-5:30
BHL6016 Contemporary and International Issues in Business Ethics A MW 5:30-7:00
BSP6000 Strategic Management A MW 7:00-8:30


MBA7003 Marketing  A M 5:00-8:00
MBA7023 Project Management Theory and Practice A T 5:00-8:00
MBA7000 People and Organization A W 5:30-8:00
MBA7002 Strategic Management A F 5:00-8:00

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