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The excitement in the air was palpable on September 10, 2015, as the MUBS class of 2015 took to the stage of Unesco Palace. MUBS held its 11th Graduation Ceremony with our Guest of Honor, Her Excellency, Mrs. Yvonne A Baki, Minister in Ecuador. Over 1100 proud family and friends of the class of 2015 had their cameras ready to capture the excitement as the 240 MUBS students participating in the ceremony celebrated their graduation.

The 2015 graduation ceremony was presented by prominent Lebanese Actor, Mr. Jihad Al-Atrash.  Dr. Hatem Alamy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the University, welcomed the guests of the graduates and the admirable presence of H.E. Mrs. Ivonne A Baki, Professor Antony Chapman, President & Vice Chancellor of Cardiff Metropolitan University & Professor Mohamed Loutfi, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Dr. Alamy began his speech by expressing his pride in the milestones that MUBS has achieved since its establishment fifteen years ago. He particularly expressed his appreciation to the academic faculty and staff for their continuous commitment to the success of the university. He also thanked all those that have put trust in MUBS.

Dr. Alamy also announced a new set of objectives for the university;

  1. Expand to new campuses across Lebanon
  2. Improve networking with the Job Market to secure better jobs for the students
  3. Widen the scope of internationalization at MUBS
  4. Secure new accreditations
  5. Elevate to a full-fledged student centered teaching approach.

Professor Antony Chapman began his speech by congratulating the graduates of the British School of Business (BSB) that earned a double degree from both MUBS & Cardiff Metropolitan University. He stated his pride in being a part of this ceremony and his full support towards the graduates in the years to come.

Professor Chapman continued his speech by praising the strong partnership that Cardiff Met has established with MUBS as a part of Internationalization and that the seed of this success is the presence of this year’s cohort of graduates. He also stated that “MUBS is without doubt an excellent institution at all levels, and we are very happy with all the courses that are taught here, and the way of teaching, management, and support services. They provide an excellent manner, and with standards equal to those adopted in the United Kingdom. This means that you, as a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, you must be confident that your qualifications will be assessed to a large extent in any country of the world.”


H.E. Mrs. Yvonne A Baki gave an exceptional keynote speech which was infused with pearls of wisdom for our graduates. She began her speech by expressing her honor and pride at being a part of the 11th annual graduation ceremony at MUBS. She stated her belief in her mother country, Lebanon, and that the secret to success lies in perseverance and pursuing one's passions and abiding by humane principles.

Mrs. A Baki explained the importance of love, passion, and caring for one another. She believes that with love comes peace, success, and change. She stressed to our graduates their role in leading the change that we strive for, the change that doesn’t differentiate people based on religion, the change that will give each and every person the chance to lead. She also stated her desire to see more women leaders in our country and in our parliament noting that women are key factors in altering our world and making it a better place.

Mrs. A Baki concluded her speech by congratulating our graduates and praising them for their energy and passion and thanking their parents for supporting and providing them with the opportunity of education.

Dr. Alamy exchanged honorary shields with Prof. Antony Chapman after which they distributed the degrees to the graduates. The ceremony concluded with Dr. Hatem Alamy presenting an honorary shield to Mrs. Ivonne A Baki and announcing her as a new member of MUBS Board of Trustees.



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