From Cookies to User Profiling

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Under the umbrella of the International School of Business (ISB) and British Academy in Lebanon (BAL), Dr. Ahmad Bazzi graduate of Gunma Maebashi Japan University, Assiatant Professor at MUBS, School of Computer  & Applied Sciences, shared his cyber expertise with the students of ISB and BAL majored in business and particularly e-marketing discipline in areas like:

1.   Immortal cookies

2.   Websites User profiling

3.   Google User Profiles escorting to different search results

4.   Controversy regarding the “do not track feature”

5.   The use of location/GPS in advertising networks & its implications

The primary goal of this presentation was to bring together global understanding of the current and future SEO practices related to the trade planet while bridging academic to  market practices, under one roof to discuss the issues facing sophisticated e-marketing. Students can become aware and more engaged in accelerated user profiling era.

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