MUBS and the Rotary Club of Aley Launched the “Educators Professional Program”

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In accordance with its ongoing efforts to provide quality education to teachers by offering them the necessary training and tools, MUBS, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Aley, launched the “Educators Professional Program”.

The project consists of five professional development workshops for the preschool and elementary teachers of the Obadieh Official Secondary School. The objective of these workshops is to improve teaching and learning.

During the launching ceremony of the project, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS, Dr. Hatem Alamy, said that constructive teaching is grounded in the notion that learning occurs when learners are actively engaged in the process of knowledge construction rather than passively receiving information. He added that effective teaching should foster critical thinking and create motivated and independent learners. Dr. Alamy said that critical thinking is a key skill that students need to acquire in order to become life-long and self-driven learners.

The event was concluded by a cocktail ceremony, thus providing the audience with the opportunity to meet up and celebrate the promises that the workshop holds for the teachers and students of Obadieh Official Secondary School.

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