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Anyone passing by the MUBS Spears campus in Beirut this past week would have noticed the Welsh flag flying proudly as St. David's Day was celebrated by students and staff alike. St. David's Day is celebrated worldwide annually on March1. MUBS and BAL have close links with Wales, as they offer several programmes in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University. To commemorate St. David's Day, students took part in a quiz to test their knowledge of Wales. A group of students and faculty went on a neighborhood walk from the Spears campus passing by historic landmarks to showcase Beirut’s cultural diversity. The walk was filmed and will be aired online in parallel to Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Global Week celebrations to highlight cultural diversity.

The celebrations continued in the afternoon, as students and faculty gathered for tea to savor Welsh cakes prepared in style by MUBS’s resident Chef Ali. After a welcome address from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS, Dr. Hatem Alamy, outlining the university’s growth on the international stage of education, guests were treated to a rendition of Welsh songs. Among the invitees was His Excellency Hugo Shorter, UK Ambassador of Her Majesty the Queen in Lebanon, who addressed the students highlighting the importance and value of partnerships in education between the UK and Lebanon, congratulating MUBS on its initiative.

Happy St David’s Day... or as they say in Wales... Hapus dydd dewi sant.

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