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1.      Name: Nabih Faour
2.       Class of 2006

 3.      Major: Computer Science

 4.      Job: Web Developer-Walt Disney Company- Los Angeles, California

 5.     How do you describe working in an international company like Walt Disney?

Diversity in international companies like Walt Disney makes for a great experience. Other than getting exposed to multi-national projects, you get to meet lots of people with different cultures and backgrounds.

Working for an international company is similar to being a part of a community; an international community that is where you learn something new every day.

 6.      Describe your experience at MUBS:

It's nearly impossible to summarize my experience at MUBS in a few sentences. I enjoyed the quality of education which was only a result of the excellent instructors and friendly staff.

The small class sizes made it look like we weren't in a class, but in a study group where the instructor is the smart friend trying to help his/her friends.

 7.      What has MUBS provided and helped you with?

MUBS provided me with both academic and life experience. I learned a lot. I met people who didn't like me and people who did, people I didn't like and people who became very close friends.

MUBS prepared me for the good and the bad in life and it is something I greatly appreciate.
8.      Throughout the years MUBS has grown and gained many academic accomplishments, how do you see such success and achievements?

I'm always proud to hear about the accomplishments that MUBS is gaining year after year. It only shows how much appreciation people have towards it and hopefully this will only grow bigger in the future.

 9.       Favorite instructor at MUBS:

Mr. Mohammad Seifeddine was and is still my favorite instructor. He always has interesting methods of teaching and his outlook on life and positive attitude are always inspiring!
10.   Favorite Memory at MUBS:

I have lots of good memories from the time I spent at MUBS and it's hard to pick a favorite memory. I will always remember the times I spent with friends and staff at the cafeteria or at the reception area.


Nabih Faour

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