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Nancy & Maya Yamout

MBA in Management of Social Institutions| Class 2014

JobPresident & Vice President of “Rescue Me” Association

Nancy and Maya Yamout are not only university students at MUBS, but also two sisters who made it to the United States of America, to the State of Washington – Seattle, Ohio and Florida. 

These scientific achievements came after the submission of their Masters thesis about "The Role of Forensic Social Work in terrorism and knowing its reasons and effects on the society". 

Nancy and Maya worked on their thesis for more than a year period under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Social Work at MUBS Professor HoudaSleem.

The work of Nancy and Maya Yamoutcaught the attention of many media outlets in Lebanon and the Middle East, even international media had contacted and interviewed the two young researchers to highlight their work and results found in research. 

Interviews were various from websites to published newspapers to television interviews, the work of Nancy and Maya was featured in Lebanon, Germany, Austria, America, Sweden and Canada. 

They were given the nickname of: Mulan’ sisters and the "kamikaze sisters" when referring to their courageous step in entering prisons and interviewing potential terrorists under custody.

Their next step is to run a new NGO called Rescue Me for crime prevention that was funded by USAID in 2014 and they are willing to implement other projects in the near future.

Both sisters decided to do another masters in social work at MUBS and the final project will be about "cyber terrorism and awareness".

With the support MUBS University and other international and regional organizations they continue to make a breach in the wall of terrorism surrounding our world.

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