Berytech Fab Lab at MUBS: Exploring Mind-blowing New Opportunities

An engaging seminar on Berytech Fab Lab was held on January 21st 2019 at MUBS Auditorium in Spears Campus by Mr. Ghassan Beydoun, Fab Lab Community Coordinator. This mind-blowing scientific event comes in line with MUBS vision of redefining higher education and inspiring innovation building Lebanon’s entrepreneurs and makers. Mr. Beydoun introduced the audience of faculty, staff, and students to Fab Lab, a fabrication laboratory to create, prototype, and turn concepts into reality. Mr. Beydoun elaborated on the facilities provided by Fab Lab from 3D printers, AI and VR technologies, imaging tools, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC routers, electronics workbench, etc., where students, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, and creators can be trained on mastering the available machines by trainers at the laboratory. This is in addition to accessing and connecting to the top-of-the-line resources of a network of Fab Labs in more than 78 countries. Fab Lab Community Coordinator concluded his talk by highlighting opportunities available through the Fab Lab Academy in Lebanon.

The seminar was followed by a meeting with faculty members from the School of Health Sciences and School of Computer and Applied Sciences (Department of Art and Design, Department of Computer Science) to explore opportunities for collaboration on research projects between the Fab Lab facility and MUBS faculty and students.