Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture Dr. Ghattas Khoury, MUBS organized a festival to welcome the New Year entitled Iraqi culture: Past and Future at the Spears campus on January 10, 2018. The event, initiated by Dr. Ahmad Al Zein, Director of the Masters Program in International Hospitality and Tourism Management at MUBS, provided a unique opportunity for students and faculty to discover the rich culture of Iraq through the eyes of Iraqi students at MUBS.

Dr. Amin Farshoukh, representative of the Lebanese Minister of Culture, Dr. Abbas Al- Husseini, Iraqi Cultural Attaché, and Dr. Hatem Alami, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS attended the event which opened with a talk on the cultural and historical linkage between Lebanon and Iraq. The countries’ scientific, cultural and creative excellence and economic resources of water, oil and natural were also highlighted.

Dr. Hatem Alami emphasized the University’s educational and cultural exchanges with Iraq and stressed the importance of scientific research in the development of society and the state, as well as the fundamental role which university students play in the development of their country. Mutaz Sultan, an Iraqi MUBS student, gave a talk on the history of Iraq and the importance of cultural exchange with Lebanon, and drawing attention to the role which MUBS plays in nurturing this.

Dr. Al-Husseini gave tribute to MUBS for its active role in nurturing the relationship between the two countries. He also stressed the importance of extra-curricular activities for university students. Dr. Amin Farshoukh praised the Iraqi culture as the cradle of cultures, stressing that the Arab world is enriched by its presence. He also praised the role of students in building a distinctive cultural community.

The event featured an exhibition of photographs and books on Iraqi civilization in the historic cities of Baghdad, Nineveh and Mosul which gave insight into the rich culture of Iraq. Visitors were also treated to a feast of traditional Iraqi delicacies prepared by the students which was enjoyed by all. Looking forward to the next Iraqi-Lebanese cultural event at MUBS.