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The MUBS Optometry Clinic in Spears Campus is recruiting two Optometry students for part-time positions with flexible work hours and unique professional development opportunities.
1- Graduate or Senior year student who has experience equivalent to Optometry practicum I.
2- Can perform vision test and prescribe glasses and contact lenses for different age groups.
3- Able to diagnose problems related to:
-First-order refractive errors and related medical conditions.
-Common diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, keratoconus, low vision, and advise low vision patients.
4- Professional, possesses leadership skills, ability to multitask.
5- Managerial and accounting skills are an advantage.

To apply, please submit your letter of intent and documents to Ms. Ramona Nasr, by e-mail (rnasr@mubs.edu.lb) or in person.



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