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On an institutional level, Deans play an integral role as MUBS ambassadors on the national and international stages. They play significant roles in external relations that include fundraising, alumni relations, economic development, and public relations.

Deans are central to setting the School’s strategic planning, curriculum, facilities, teaching, and research. The Dean is the face of her/his School, both within the university and externally. Deans have ultimate accountability for their School’s sound management of resources: academic, fiscal, facilities, and human. They are responsible for overseeing School plans, including alignment of plans for educational, research, and community service activities. Deans work closely with senior management, Chairman of the Board and the Deans’ Council to execute the institutional strategy within the School.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Engaging faculty, staff and students of the School and assuring a positive, high-quality, collaborative working environment.
  • Overseeing seminar series and lectures within the School, addressing current topics of interest and research relevant to the School.
  • Positioning the School within the national education policy.
  • Overseeing the marketing of the School, its website, and student recruitment efforts.
  • Convening strategic intellectual discussions about future academic directions of departments, centers, programs and the School itself.
  • Playing a central role in provisioning the development of School facilities and amenities.
  • Drawing policies to ensure proper follow-up with School alumni and their continued engagement with the university, and organizing events to guarantee their allegiance.
  • Overseeing the preparation of senior students for the workforce through supporting their efforts in job search, participation in internships, job fairs, and networking opportunities.
  • Advocating for the School, especially by joining the university-wide processes in strategic planning, facilities planning, and community engagement, to position the School favorably in the university’s broader planning.
  • Overseeing the establishment and proper conduct of student clubs within the School and offering guidance and feedback as needed.
  • Raising private funds for scholarships, professorships, programs, facilities and other School needs.
  • Overseeing the organization of annual and semiannual symposia and conferences relative to the disciplines engulfed within the School.
  • Working with the Research Office towards fostering research-conducive environment and a research culture that encourages original research productivity and funding.
  • Playing a key oversight role in accreditation efforts and external moderation requirements.
  • Conducting program reviews and other processes that are important for continuous improvement of the School’s activities and curricula.
  • Engaging with the Deans’ Council in key discussions of institutional planning, policy, community engagement, and other key activities, in so doing representing the School’s interests effectively.
  • Hiring highly effective chairs, directors, staff and direct reports.
  • Seeking the Chairman’s approval for new School hires.
  • Completing semi-annual and annual performance evaluations for direct reports and chairpersons.
  • Assuring accountability of chairpersons and direct reports to guarantee high-level performance in areas appropriate to their positions. 
  • Assuring coordination of all departments, centers, academic programs (including undergraduate, graduate and professional) within the School.
  • Oversight over academic performance, including student performance, student satisfaction, competitiveness, proficiency, and curriculum development.
  • Oversight over reputation and accomplishments of School faculty, including teaching ability, research, funding and grants, conference participation, and
  • Assigning School Advisory Board members of the highest caliber, to reflect the stature of the School.

Oversight over financial performance and School status, including School’s ability to solicit grants, assessment of student income, faculty and operational costs.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

As per university bylaws, regulations, and policies set by the Board of Trustees, applicants should be Ph.D. degree holders and:

  • Possess a minimum of 8-year teaching experience at the higher education level.
  • Demonstrate keen interest in research, with an established track record of published original academic work.

The title of Associate Professor or higher.

Interested candidates should Apply here

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