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The cost of a university education is an issue worries a significant number of students and their families. MUBS recognized this problem and accordingly set its tuition and fees with the students' needs in mind. The university has instituted an Deferral Program that allows eligible students to spread their tuition cost over 3 payments to ease the financial burden.
We have also recognized that some students may not afford the total sum of the cost of their university education, which would force them to stay away from pursuing their career and educational goals. Hence, we developed our Financial Aid Program to support eligible students that require financial assistance.
Students who are in need of financial assistance to attend MUBS are strongly encouraged to apply for Financial Aid.
Applications for Financial Aid assistance are available at the Student Affairs Office in all campuses. Please make sure to complete all the required information. Applications with missing information will be disregarded. Priority will be given to full time undergraduate students.
Please note that MUBS performs necessary investigations & analysis on the information provided on the form. Please ensure that all provided information is accurate. Failure to do so will result in denial of application.


  1. Grant for Excellence
    Students achieving high grades at the official Lebanese Secondary examination (>15/20) may benefit from a special grant that will be determined by the Financial Aid Committee.
  2. Siblings Grant
    A special grant is given when two or more brothers and/or sisters are registered at MUBS. The second and third sibling will benefit from the following discounts, respectively: 10% and 15%, subject to Financial Aid Committee’s approval. To be eligible for a Siblings Grant, a student
    1. Must be enrolled as full-time student with a minimum of 12 credits except in the last semester before graduation.
    2. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00
  3. Grant for Outstanding Undergraduate Performance
    1. Students with GPA of 3.5 will benefit from a grant of 5% off the following semester's tuition.
    2. Students with GPA exceeding 3.7 will benefit from a grant of 10% off the following semester's tuition.

To be eligible a student must:

  1. Have completed 12 credits at MUBS.
  2. Be enrolled in 12 credits (remedial credits are not included) except for the last semester before graduation.

Repeated courses

Should a student receiving financial aid fail a course or more in a given semester and intend to repeat the same course or courses in subsequent semesters, he/she will lose all financial aid associated with those courses.


Qualified graduate level students may be granted a Teaching or Research Assistantship.

Work Study

MUBS offers its students the opportunity to work at the university on an hourly basis. Interested students may submit an application to the Student Affairs Office at the selected campus. Placement is made early in the semester based on eligibility for the job, financial need, and job availability.


Students excelling in their studies and maintaining grades above 3.5 are eligible to receive financial awards in the form of reduction in the cost of their tuition.

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