Financial Services Specialist

Financial Services Specialist

Experienced sales staff, new accounts personnel and financial services representatives.


  • Provides more advanced skills for success in a sales
  • Environment
  • Enhances everyday business skills
  • Dealing in more efficiently with customers

  • Required Module:

  • Banking Today
  • Introduction to Relationship Selling
  • Building and Retaining Customer Relationships
  • Successful Sales Campaigns
  • Dealing Effectively with Co-workers
  • Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements

  • If Selecting Retail (Track 1):

  • Fundamentals of Consumer Lending
  • Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending
  • Understanding Financial Planning
  • Introduction to Financial Planning Products
  • Referring Mutual Funds and Securities Customers 

  • If Selecting Small Business (Track 2):

  • Fundamentals of Small Business Banking
  • Credit Products for Small Business
  • Calling on Small Business Customers
  • Servicing and Growing Small Business Relationships
  • Relationship Selling to Small Business Customers

  • Duration: 105 -117 Hours

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