The International School of Business (ISB)

At ISB we strive to empower creativity and innovation through a combination of progressive teaching methods and an engaging academic program. We are aiming at developing global business leaders who will be able to create lifelong success stories. 

Education today is not just about learning a set of fixed skills for a specific job. It is about preparing learners to compete and succeed in a highly competitive local and global business environment. Through a variety of modern pedagogies, real-world cases, and the effort of dedicated scholars utilizing new technologies in the classroom, we educate and prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

Our alumni’s success is evidence that our program is at the forefront of the business world, responding to its needs and creating its future leaders. We are proud of our network of ambassadors who can be found around the world occupying leadership positions in various industries. At ISB, our students are not mere numbers; they are the center of our attention and rightly expect to receive the full support of the faculty, staff, and management during and after graduation.

ISB aims to become one of the leading business schools in Lebanon and the region, with emphasis on high-quality higher education, an engaging learning environment, and exposure to real-world challenges. We prepare our students to succeed in business while nurturing them to be socially responsible citizens who serve their organizations and communities.

We encourage you to explore our academic offerings and related services. We are always happy to assist you and answer your questions if you have any specific concerns or inquiries. We hope you will take the opportunity to visit any of our campuses to experience firsthand the excellence that is MUBS.


The International School of Business (ISB) strives to provide its students with an excellent learning environment, qualified and experienced faculty, effective teaching methods, and real world experiences that develop their leadership qualities and guarantees them successful careers.


The School’s values are represented by the following practices:

  1. Diversity of students, faculty, and administrators.
  2. Respect of students, faculty, and administrators.
  3. Social responsibility.
  4. An environment that fosters learning, engagement, and integrity.
  5. Leadership in developing and advancing the university programs.


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