Faculty Profiles

Dr. Samer Hamzeh
Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
Dean shamzeh@mubs.edu.lb

Dr. Latifa Attieh
PhD in Marketing
Chairperson of the Marketing and Management Department lattieh@mubs.edu.lb

Ms Mirna Kordab
Masters of Business Administration / CPA
Chairperson of the Accounting and Finance Department mkordab@mubs.edu.lb

Dr.Ahmad El Zein
Doctorat in Business Administration
Instructor azein@mubs.edu.lb

Dr. Guitta Abou Khalil
Phd in Business Administration
Instructor gaboukhalil@mubs.edu.lb

Mrs. Farah Youness
Master in Computer Science Engineer
Instructor fyounes@mubs.edu.lb

Mrs.Jinane Haidar
Master en gestion et mgt (Distribution)
Instructor (French Department) jhaidar@mubs.edu.lb

Ms. Layal Iskandarani
Master of Business Administration
Instructor liskandarani@mubs.edu.lb

Mr. Rabih Tarraf
Master Informatique
Instructor (French Department) rtarraf@mubs.edu.lb

Mr. Rajeh Sleem
Master of Business Administration
Instructor rsleem@mubs.edu.lb

Mr. Rawad Breish
Master in Business Administration
Instructor rbreich@mubs.edu.lb

Mrs. Reem Bouzeinedine
Master of Business Administration
Instructor rbouzeineddine@mubs.edu.lb

Ms Razan Baradhi
Masters of Business Administration
Executive Administrator razan.baradhi@mubs.edu.lb

Dr. Nidal Makarem
Master in Business Administration
Instructor nmakarem@mubs.edu.lb

Mr. Samer Daou
Master in Financial Economics
Instructor sdaou@mubs.edu.lb

Mr. Samer Dimashkye
Executive MBA
Management Engineering

Instructor sdimashkyeh@mubs.edu.lb

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