Welcome to the School of Education and Social Work

Welcome to the School of Education and Social Work. We encourage you to search our website, learn about our programs, and believe in what we have to propose. For over 15 years, the School of Education and Social Work has had a well-known reputation for offering excellence for practitioners in both fields. Our programs are the result of the ongoing teamwork among our faculty members and staff. We have led the way in high quality research and teaching. For those who are interested in pursuing a career in Education or Social work, and have not yet made a final decision, we urge you to consider the School of Education and Social Work as your institution of choice. 


The School of Education and Social Work mission is centered on providing conductive, open and rich learning environment for students wanting to deepen and extend their knowledge and skills in bringing about social and educational change by equipping them with the latest tools and methods that enable them to effect such change. 

Our mission is guided by the professional values of the university and these values are in embedded to our curricula, we struggle to the develop and implement the best educational programs and to create the best educator and practitioners in the Lebanese society.

 Mission du department

Modern University for Business & Science (MUBS) – Ecole de l’education et du travail social a pour mission de préparer les éducateurs et les travailleurs sociaux sur le niveau national et international pour contribuer à trouver des solutions relatives aux problemes humains et créer des leaders dans les communantes locales.

Notre mission reflète notre engagement d’être productif et effectif dans les approches adoptées dans la façons de faire apprendre les techniques et travailler dans le domaine de la recherche.


The school’s values are represented by the following practices:

  1. Diversity of students, faculty and administrators.
  2. Respect of students, faculty and administrators
  3. Social responsibility and Social Justice
  4. Environment that fosters learning, engagement, and integrity
  5. Leadership at the academic and community levels

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