Bachelor in Social Work

The aim of the program of Social Service Work is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge needed in social work, focusing on the person’s psychosocial skills in both community and institutional settings.


General Education Requirements (12 credits)

ARB201 Appreciation of Arabic Language & Literature.

ENG206 Social Work Terminology

CSC201 Fundamentals of Computers Systems & Applications

ENG210  Communication skills

 Elective Courses (9 credits) choose from

SOC201 Introduction to Sociology

LAN201 Language Course

PSY202 Intro to Psychology

HUM312 Human Rights

SSW315 Community Engagement & Voluntarism

NUT318 Nutrition

HUM416 Human Biology

SSW417 Community Mental Health

SSW431 Crisis Intervention

Major Required Core Courses (30 Credits)

PSY305 Child Psychology

BIO306 Human Anatomy & Physiology

SSW310 Introduction to Social Work

SSW311 Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Family & Children

SSW320 Human Sexuality

SSW322 Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Groups & Communities

SSW340 Gerontology

SSW350 Research Methods

SSW360 Social Welfare intro Programs, Policies & Issues

SSW361 Health Care Delivery in Social Work

Professional Core Courses (49 Credits)

SSW410 Social Work Statistics

SSW415 Criminal Justice

SSW418 Social Work Practice in Mental Health

SSW420 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families

SSW425 Social Work Practice with Groups

SSW426 Law & Social Work

SSW427 Exploring Values

SSW430 Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities

SSW445 Senior

SSW460 Social Work Practice with Administration

SSW470 Practicum l

SSW480 Practicum ll

SSW490 Practicum lll

  1. Communication Skills

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