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Welcome to the Computer Science Department at the School of Computer and Applied Sciences.

Our Department offers two majors at the undergraduate level, a postgraduate diploma in traffic safety, and a Master Degree in Computer Science (MCS) at the graduate level. The degrees are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) and are designed to provide our students with the latest knowledge and tools to equip them with the skillsets needed to succeed in a highly competitive and dynamic field. We are constantly updating our curricula and updating our resources to attain our goals of making our School a leading force in technology, research, and academia. Our partnerships span a number of regional and global organizations that permit our students to maximize their potential and exchange cultural and educational capital with their colleagues.

We hope that you will find all the information you are searching for and will be looking forward to see you as one of our students. If you still have any question or need further information, please contact the admission office at the campus near you. Our staff would be pleased to assist you.


The mission of CSD is centered on preparing its students to succeed in their future careers, by equipping them with the latest knowledge and skills that enable them to deliver efficient and effective results.  


The school’s values are represented by the following practices:

  1. Diversity of students, faculty and administrators.
  2. Qualified and experienced faculty
  3. Environment that fosters learning, engagement, and integrity
  4. Programs that are enable students and faculty innovations

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