Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Graphic Design

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The Graphic Design program prepares students for careers in design and creative visual media fields through the application of artistic and computer techniques to the interpretation of technical and commercial concepts. The program emphasizes hands-on design practice, integrating the building of formal and technical skills with critical analysis, theory, and research. Students will learn the professional skills and competencies necessary to compete in the local and global marketplace for graphic arts, media and visual design.

Program Requirements: 103 Credits consist of:

21 cr. of general university requirements

    12 cr. general education requirements,
    09 cr. elective courses

82 cr. of Mandatory requirements

    18 cr. core requirements
    55 cr. major requirements
    9 cr. major elective courses

Career Opportunities

Graduates should expect a rewarding career as Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Communications Specialist, Publication Designer, Multimedia Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, and Advertising Designer.

Required Core courses (18 credits)

Code Course Title Credits
DRA201 Drawing & Illustration 1  3
ART203 Color Theories  3
ART206  Photography 1  3
GRA201  Fundamentals of Design 1  3
GRA202  Fundamentals of Design 2  3
GRA302  Visual perception  3

Required Major courses (55 credits)

Code Course Title Credits 
ART 204 ART204 History of Graphic Design 1 3
ART 205 ART205 History of Graphic Design 2 3
GRA 203 GRA203 Intro to Computer Graphics 3
GRA 304 GRA204 Typography 1 3
GRA 305 GRA205 Typography 2 3
GRA 306 GRA206 Graphic Design 1 3
GRA 307 GRA207 Computer Software I for Graphic Design + Lab 3
GRA 308 GRA208 Graphic Design 2 3
GRA 311 GRA209 Printing Variables 3
GRA 312 GRA210 Computer Software II for Graphic Design + Lab 3
GRA 313 GRA211 Art of Calligraphy 3
GRA 314 GRA212 Story Board 3
GRA 316 GRA213 Packaging 3
GRA 399 GRA303 Graphic Design 3 3
GRA 400 GRA304 Graphic Design Internship 1
GRA 396 GRA396 Motion Graphics 3
GRA 399 GRA399 Advanced Web Design 3cr 3
GRA 400 GRA400 Senior Project 3
ART 407 ART407 Professional Practice 3

Major Elective courses (9 credits)

Code Course Title
GRA397 Interactive Media Design
GRA301 Advanced Photography
GRA215 Graphics in the environment
GRA214 Principles of social media marketing
ART201  Fine Arts 


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