MUBS’s School of Computer and Applied Sciences was established in the year 2000. Since then the school has been growing rapidly graduating more than 1300 students in different majors. Out alumni occupy leadership positions at reputable companies in Lebanon and abroad.

The foundations of SCS are four departments (Computer Science, Computer Communication, Information Security, and Graphic design) that reflect our mission to lead in Computer Science education and research that has a real impact on our modern and increasingly digitized lifestyle.

Computer Science is a major pillar in the foundation of all organizations in today’s highly competitive environments. The field of Computer Science is vast and continues to grow and expand. The only limitation is our imagination. Students can choose to become Application Programmers, Database Administrators, Network and Communication Engineers, Software Engineers, IT Security Engineers, Web Application Developers, Mobile Application Developers, or Data Communication Engineers, among other options.

The Masters program in Computer Science offers students the opportunity to improve their training with advanced studies in the field in addition to increased focus on research and experiential learning.

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