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Welcome to the CMU Alumni Network at  the Modern University for Business and Science.

As years pass and days go by, let us look at the past. The past skills, knowledge, information, activities, friends, classmates, instructors, and MEMORIES. Let us revive all the memories that you have and create a safe space where you can meet an old friend, express a continuous longing, share an unforgettable experience, and teach an acquired skill.

On behalf of Cardiff Met University at the Modern University for Business and Science, there is a desire to maintain a bond with our alumni to strengthen the ties that connect your current status with your previous academic years. You can join our alumni network and stay connected by following us on social media platforms (MUBS Alumni on Facebook and MUBS Alumni Network on LinkedIn) to get updates, participate in events, and learn more about us.

Your interaction and engagement will provide current and former students with a lot of shared experiences that will help contribute to the improvement of the university and the continuity of our alumni project.

It only takes a glimpse at the past to relive the university life experience again but through a different lens this time.

Visit our webpage, follow us on social media, and STAY CONNECTED!

See you soon

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