Fawziye Faye Ghazali is an enthusiastic and dedicated instructor with immense experience in the teaching of the English language. She graduated from an Australian university, with a four-year double degree in Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching, equivalent to a Master’s Degree. She only recently happily returned to live in Lebanon with her family and resides in the Bekaa region. Her Western education is ideal for the modern classroom set-up because it supports innovation, creativity, problem-solving skills and the use of highly engaging resources. She feels confident in improving fluency and proficiency in language acquisition because English is her first language. Through implementation of effective instruction and modern pedagogy methods, students will attain outcomes and make significant progress. She has worked in various departments of the education sector with a diverse cohort of learners. Some of her professional roles include lead teacher, coordinator and mentor of new graduates and staff. As a senior professional she has contributed to curriculum design and validation of assessments. With her guidance, compassion and understanding, students experience a positive change in their growth mindset and wellbeing by being empowered with education and knowledge and are instilled with the belief they are all capable of success. Most recently, Faye reopened the local official school, bi-lingual in Arabic and English syllabus, and in three years student numbers have tripled. Her adaptability and flexibility have seen her facilitate a lot of successful community events. She is humbled at this employment opportunity with MUBS and is dedicated to making a real difference not only with her students but also in the wider community. She brings to MUBS an alternative and exciting new approach to teaching and learning.