In my capacity as a holder of a master's degree in English Literature and in Social Work, I had the honor and pleasure to offer all the services required in those fields.

In September 2020, I started a full-time job at EDUCART Middle East (Corniche Mazraa). My daily tasks include promoting EDUCART local English books, writing teachers' guides, training teachers, and offering educational advice.

In November 2017, I started a part-time job at MUBS as an instructor of Communication Skills and Social Work Terminology courses, and as an English teacher for Ph.D. candidates.

Since taking the oath as a certified public translator at the Justice Palace in Baabda in 1998, I have been doing my own freelance work as a certified public translator for different types of clients.

Last but not least, I used to work in the capacity of an English teacher and coordinator (Grades 1-11) for fourteen years (1987-2001)

I am recently studying drawing at the Russian Cultural Center and getting ready for another adventure whenever convenient.