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FAQ: What you need to know about Erasmus+ Programme Mobilities


1.     Am I eligible?

For Undergraduate Students:

  • You need to be registered as a full-time student at MUBS.
  • You need to have completed a total of 30 credits (equivalent to one full academic year)
  • Your GPA should be at least 2.00 or above at the time of applying.
  • You should have no prior academic experience in Europe.

For Graduate Students:

  • You need to be registered as a full-time student at MUBS.
    • If you are still at the undergraduate level, you will be nominated with the condition of passing. 

2.     Where can I travel to?

MUBS has several agreements with different universities in: Portugal, Poland, Spain, Lithuania amongst others. 

3.     Personality Traits that I need to have:

Open to new experience, new culture and new traditions.

Willing to study in a different university and experience new way of studying.

Interested in meeting new people, and learning new language.

4.     How can I know about the Erasmus+ Mobility Calls?

The calls for the mobilities will be posted on our Facebook page “MUBS Erasmus Scholarships”, on MUBS Website http://mubs.edu.lb/en/study-abroad/study-abroad.aspx, and on the bulletin boards.

5.     How many credits can I take abroad?

You may take up to 30 ECTS, which is equivalent to 15 credits at MUBS.

6.     What does the mobility cover?

It covers a Return Ticket, in addition to a monthly allowance of 800 Euros/month approximately.

7.     Will the grades I take abroad affect my GPA?

All the courses that you take abroad, transfer back to MUBS as either PASS or FAIL, therefore the grades do not have an impact on your GPA.

8.     Who is responsible for the booking of the ticket and accommodation?

The ticket and the accommodation should be booked on your own and the OIA can provide guidance.

9.     Is the English the only language of instruction abroad?

No, you might have to take courses in another language. That’s part of the experience.

10.       What courses can I register abroad?

You can take any course as long as prior approval is granted by the OIA and the relevant faculty Dean.


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