Sports Management Convention: A Newly Launched MSc Program Introduced

The Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) and the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) held a convention on the newly exclusive Master’s degree in Sport Management and Leadership. The convention was a taster on the study program and quality methods of education delivered at such a Master’s level.

The event took place on October 27, 2016 at Le Bristol Hotel with figureheads from the Education and Sports industry in Lebanon attending.

Dr. Hatem Alamy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS, Mr. Zayd Khyami, Director General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Dr. Nizeeh Jibawi, representing the Ministry of Education & Higher Education, and Mrs. May El Khalil, President of the Beirut Marathon Association all addressed the audience present and stressed on the importance of such a Master’s degree and its response to the market needs in Lebanon.

Professors Gregory Dainty and Mike Flynn, both Senior Lecturers at Cardiff Met. University (UK), presented a vibrant taster on the different courses taken under the Master’s degree in Sport Management and Leadership.

Dr. Hammoud from the Ministry of Youth & Sports, in addition to former basketball champions Mr. Walid Dumiati and Mr. Jassem Kanso, addressed the audience passionately in a panel discussion chaired by MUBS Vice President for Research and Innovation, Dr. Nael Alami. The event was concluded by an interactive Q&A session.

Launching Ceremony for MSc in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Under the patronage of His Excellency PM Saad Hariri, MUBS launched its new Masters program in International Hospitality & Tourism Management in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University-UK on Thursday, December 15 at Lancaster Plaza Hotel, Beirut.
The event was attended by a number of representatives of academic, social, and political parties. Speakers of the event included: Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Hatem Alamy; Representative of PM Mr. Saad Hariri, MP Dr. Jamal Jarrah; Representative of Director General of Higher Education, Dr. Pierre Jadoun; Representative of Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Amin Zebian; Programme Director at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Dr. Mike Flynn; and Programme Director, Master in International Hospitality & Tourism Management, Dr. Ahmad Al Zein.
Classes start on January 16, 2017. Apply Now! Call us on 01 371 885

Reading for Peace

The Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) and the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) held a convention on the newly exclusive Master’s degree in Sport Management and Leadership. The convention was a taster on the study program and quality methods of education delivered at such a Master’s level.

In celebration of literature and freedom of expression, PEN Lebanon, with the support of the Municipality of Aley, hosted a "Reading for Peace" event.

MUBS students were part of the event that featured literature, art, and music. The event was hosted by Zena el Khalil in a war-torn abandoned palace in the city of Aley.

MUBS students visit the "Institute of Finance Basil Fuleihan"

Students of the International School of Business (ISB) at MUBS visited the Institute of Finance Basil Fleihan and benefited from a valuable training session presented by Mr. Mohamad Seifeddine.

The training elaborated on the taxation system in Lebanon and public finance issues. ISB students were highly engaged throughout the session that included also a visit to the library of the institute.

Over 120 MUBS Students participated in a Three-day BDL Accelerate Conference

One of the most important policies of the International School of Business (ISB) at the Modern University for Business & Science (MUBS) is bridging between the academic curriculum and industry. MUBS as one of the Academic partners for BDL Accelerate Conference was granted a special access for its ISB students to participate in the annual Banque du Liban organized event.

Accelerate 2016 is Lebanon’s 3rd annual international conference, and officially the biggest and most influential in Mediterranean and in MENA region. BDL Accelerate is among the few innovation and startup conferences in the world that is inclusive and diverse.

More than 120 ISB students from our four campuses participated in the conference. ISB students learned, engaged, got inspired, and connected with industry experts, investors, like minded individuals and change makers from around the world.

This international experience was unforgettable for our students who expressed their happiness and eagerness to explore new ideas. The main guest speakers at the conference were Tony Fadel, creator of the ipod and founder of Nest, and Steve Wozniak "The woz", co-founder of Apple Inc.

Blood Donation Campaign - Damour, Aley & Spears Campuses

Because the finest gesture one can make to save life is by donating blood, the School of Health Sciences at MUBS and in collaboration with “Donner Sang Compter (DSC) Association” and “AUBMC” organized a blood donation campaign at its Damour, Aley, and Spears Campuses. Students, faculty, and staff have donated their blood for a good cause. Certificates were distributed to all donors who enjoyed a cold drink afterwards.

MUBS Education Days 2016

A round of applause is due for all those who made the Education Day a big success at our Simkaniyeh and Aley campuses!
Throughout the day, MUBS students displayed their creative projects and presented their new ideas for teaching Math, Science, Arabic, and Social Sciences to more than 100 teachers, coordinators, and principals from public and private schools.
Additionally, the Education department offered two seminars: Character Education (Arabic session) and Emotional Intelligence (English session).
Looking forward to more successful events!

MUBS Student Council Elections

The MUBS Student Council Elections were held at MUBS Campuses on December 19.
After a day full of friendly, enthusiastic, and competitive environment, the results came as follows:
Damour Student Council
From the ISB: Rabih Mahmoud, Dana Nseif, Wassim Bou Hussein, Wael Khattar, Lama Bou Ismaeil, and Gisele Bou Rjeily
From the School of Computer & Applied Sciences: Jad Halawe, and Niveen Zahereddine
From the School of Health Sciences: Lama Bou Khzam, Diana Yazbek, and Raafat Alameh
From the School of Education & Social Work: Dalia Bou Karroum
Beirut Student Council
From the ISB: Mazen Zhereddine, Nazih Al Amad, Daniel Daou, Fatima Ghalayini, and Daniella Abdel Khalek
From the School of Computer & Applied Sciences: Ziad Alhafi, and Rayan Jouhari
From the School of Health Sciences: Saleh Baher Alloum
From the School of Education & Social Work: Nisreen Sahili, Layla Kahaf, and Maghi Al Gharawi
Aley Student Council:
From the ISB: Christine Yasser Abi Saab, Lara Hani Abou Said, Intissar Karim Al Sayegh, Diana Khaled Abd al khalik, and Nancy Shahine Bou kheir
From the School of Computer & Applied Sciences: Jana Bassam Madi and Yehya Hamza Alkhateeb
From the School of Health Sciences: Marwa Jihad El moghraby, Lara Elia Demian, and Sara Rafik Malaeb
From the School of Education & Social Work: Samia Raja Hamzeh and Marwa Ali Malaeb
Simkaniyeh Stdent Council:
From the ISB: Imad Bou Karroum and Riham Azzam
From the School of Education & Social Work: Rola Ghaith, Sahar Atallah, and Layal Al Timany
Congratulations to all the winners!

Social Work International Conference 2016

The Association of Universities, Institutions, and Departments of Social Work, in collaboration with the Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS), organized the Fourth Scientific Conference on the 15th and 16th of July 2016 under the patronage of Professor Rory Truel, The Secretary General of the International Federation for Social Workers.
The Conference was attended by Professor Rory Truel, Professor Sultan Abou Orabi, Secretary General of the Association of the Arab Universities, Dr. Hatem Alamy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS, Mrs. Raghida Dergham, Senior Diplomatic Correspondent (Al Hayat) and Founder and Chairman of the Beirut Institute, Society Dignitaries, members of MUBS Board of Trustees, Non-Governmental Organizations, Social Work Specialists, in addition to faculty and staff members. Valuable research was discussed with several scholars from the Arab world (Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon).

Seminar on Autism:

The Social Work Department at Modern University for Business & Science in collaboration with Friends of the Disabled Association (FDA), I’dad Center organized a Seminar About “Autism” on 16/12/2016 at the Damour Campus.
The Seminar started with a welcome note from the Dean of the Faculty of Education & Social Work Dr. Houda Sleem.
Social worker Mrs. Chiraz Bou Dargham moderated the seminar that incorporated a speech by MUBS Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Hatem Alamy, and a speech on rights by President of the FDA, Dr. Moussa Charafeddine. Ms. Zeina Noun, Autism Department Director, lectured on Autism and Psychotherapy too. The attendees also listened to Mrs. Suzan Nasreddine’s experience with her autistic child, Nour, after which they mingled with the Autistic students at I’dad Center.

BLOM Beirut Marathon 2016

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”
The Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) participated in large numbers at the BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon 2016, running under the banner of unity, modernity, and serenity in Beirut. It was a spectacle that warmed hearts, as over 500 members of the MUBS family, including students and amazing student clubs, faculty, and staff joined by their friends and loved ones came together to celebrate in a city that desperately needs us.
To all those who were there, volunteering, running, dancing, organizing, singing, or walking: a big "congratulations" for making MUBS the stand-out university in Lebanon; you were everywhere, and you made this year's marathon more special. 
 Together, we have come so far, making strides in the field of higher education, and making good on our commitment to become a leading institution in the region. With a team of dedicated faculty and staff, and a vibrant student body, MUBS partnerships with organizations like the Beirut Marathon Association and Cardiff Metropolitan University will only grow stronger, and our goals become even more ambitious.
 Congratulations MUBS, and thank you all for the effort and hard work. It was a real treat celebrating Beirut Marathon with all of you!

MUBS Table Tennis Tournament

The Sports Department at MUBS hosted the Lebanese Army Table Tennis team at Damour Campus on Wednesday November 30. After a strong match, the Lebanese Army team won the game by 3 points to 1 for MUBS team!

MUBS Students Share the Joy of the Holidays with the Community

* The Social Work Department at Modern University for Business & Science celebrated the Christmas Holiday with Children from Beit Al - Yateem, and Children from Borj El Barajina Palestinian refugee camp at Damour Campus.

* The ISB social club members have gathered donations of clothing, toys, food, and money for their first project of the jolly season. They took these donations to The HOME OF HOPE in Kahaleh and participated in a day of activities with more than 60 children currently residing there.

MUBS Offers Lebanese School Students Free Health Check-ups

The School of Health Science at MUBS commenced their Health Days for the academic year 2016-2017.

During December 2016, the faculty members, staff, and students from the SHS visited different schools and provided free medical examination, which included glucose level testing, visual acuity screening, body composition testing of the Body Mass Index (BMI), in addition to orientation sessions for the senior students.
These free services were provided by the School of Health Sciences' team of medical doctors, optometrists, and dietitians, supported by distinguished students of Public Health, Nutrition, and Optometry & Vision Science.
The visits in December included Maroun Abboud High School - Aabadiye and Aley, and Chouf National College - Baakline.







I would like to invest more in myself academically and professionally, find a new job and enjoy my time with my friends especially at the Red Cross.


I’m hoping to spend more time with people that mean to me, learn new language, volunteer and adopt a cute pet.


I’m looking forward to participate more in activities that help our university spread out and of course raising up my GPA by focusing on my current studies.


In this year, I would like to be a volunteer to help people in need to have an opportunity to meet new friends.


I’m hoping to find a job and work hard to obtain my own income.


I want to travel, change my personality, meet new people, and find the love of my life.


I wish to lose weight, travel and gain more experience.


Oh, well.. I want to travel to the moon!


My new year’s resolution is to learn new language and widen my knowledge of new cultures.


My new year’s resolution is to start an active lifestyle so as to stay healthy.


I just hope to focus more on my future in order to have a good career and earn money.


Go to the gym, eat healthy food, start a new job, and work hard to have a successful future.


I’m aiming to finish my studies, have the chance to go on a scholarship to Spain, and travel on a vacation!


I want to work in a bank, earn some money and have the chance to go on a relaxing vacation!


GRADUATE! Then get my dream car!


I really want a vacation! Dreaming of going to Turkey next summer! And start a good career as well.