Featured Interview with Mrs. May El Khalil

1. Your followers on social media can easily recognize your enthusiasm for the work you do. As a leading figure in one of the top sports organizations in the region, how do you instill this energy in your team, especially that our societies generally lack a robust sports culture?

I am inspired by courage, perseverance and the will of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles. I am a strong believer that nothing is impossible if we can dream it and work to achieve it. I am also inspired by those who give of themselves to help others, and by people who try to impact their world positively by creating changes and opportunities out of difficult situations. My work also inspires me greatly, I work with so many dedicated passionate people and this is a great source of energy for me.
Being a firm believer that sport has the power to change societies, I have witnessed firsthand how the marathon in Beirut managed to unite people in a different way, a better way. This, by itself, is the biggest reward to the Beirut Marathon team and provides a great deal of motivation for us to keep going, growing and improving.

2. What are the biggest challenges in organizing this yearly national event?

Organizing a marathon in Beirut is not like organizing a marathon in New York. Our running culture is on the rise, but it’s still shy. With limited training spaces, the distance running community has been growing slowly by surely.
Prior to race day we face the same critics questioning us about road closure. We at the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) are responsible for the safety of each runner out there, hence the increased safety procedures. The experience lies in the long run, that’s where we invest in logistics, manpower and safeguard measurements. Until one has experienced the full marathon or half marathon, they will not be able to understand what it really takes to hold one.


3. We are honored to have you on our Board of Trustees at MUBS. How do you describe your relationship with MUBS throughout the past years?

I am honored to be a member of the Board of Trustees at MUBS. Throughout the years, I have seen so many generations graduating and heard beautiful success stories.
I have great faith in the MUBS family, from faculty to staff; they are all amazing educators, mentors and people who genuinely care about the wellbeing of their students. MUBS is more than a university; it’s a cultural, educational and creative hub that fosters talents and pushes the students to get out of their comfort zone and explore their true potentials.

4. MUBS has launched the exclusive Master’s degree in Sport Management and Leadership in partnership with BMA and Cardiff Metropolitan University, how does this collaboration cohere with BMA’s vision?

In Lebanon, now more than ever, we are in dire need of sports. Sport encourages a culture of fitness; it enhances the physical and mental well-being of individuals. The world of sport allows us to connect between one another and helps us become the best versions of ourselves. Be it on an individual or community level, sport speaks to everyone and anyone it has proved to be a real game changer by making a tangible difference in societies.
The MUBS/ Cardiff Metropolitan University Masters in Sports Leadership and Management program emphasizes a strong business foundation and guarantees a thorough understanding of the complexities of the sporting industry. These programs will take anyone’s passion for sports towards a more professional level, one that the Beirut Marathon welcomes with open arms by providing all the necessary support needed from applied methods to internship to research and on ground activations. With two reputable institutions, Cardiff Metropolitan university and MUBS, the Beirut Marathon is a committed partner for a better positioning of sports events in Lebanon and the region.


5. What is your message to MUBS students, especially those who are starting the MSc in Sports Management and Leadership program?

To all the passionate students out there, it’s never too early or too late to make an impact through education and sports. I salute you! You are the drivers of change in our community and I am certain that with the right support provided by MUBS you will be able to reach big and achieve plenty.


6. Finally, you are an idol and an inspiration to many people, especially women. Who is the inspiration for May El Khalil throughout her journey? 

Every person you meet has an inspiring story to tell and every story holds a lesson and can have an added value to our lives.
One of the most influential women I know is Indra Nooyi, Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo. In 2014, she was ranked at #13 on the list of Forbes World's 100 most powerful women, but that is not the reason why she is such an inspiration.
Indra is a wife, a mother, a leader. More than that, she is a relentless learner. She believes that to improve an organization, we must improve ourselves. In her words, she says:” The distance between number one and number two is always a constant. If you want to improve the organization, you have to improve yourself and the organization gets pulled up with you. That is a big lesson. I cannot just expect the organization to improve if I don't improve myself and lift the organization, because that distance is a constant. “


A talk on “Predicting Consumer Behavior through Consumer Analytics”

On Tuesday January 17, 2017, Mr. Anthony Ussher, the Deputy General Manager and Head of Electronic Banking at Credit Libanais, visited the “Consumer Behavior “class, as part of the MUBS Guest Speaker Series, at the International School of Business (ISB) , Damour campus. Mr. Ussher discussed the role of consumer analytics in predicting the behavior of today’s consumers especially in the e-banking sector. A vivid Q & A session followed Mr. Ussher’s talk where students benefited from his long life experience and know- how in the banking field.

Seminar on “Financial Risk Management”

Earlier last week, the International School of Business (ISB) at MUBS hosted Mr. Khaled Abdel Samad, Chief Risk Officer at Lebanese & Gulf Bank, Certified Financial Risk Manager, Certified Lending Business Banker, and instructor at the American University of Beirut, as a guest speaker in the "Financial Risk Management" class at the Spears campus.
The seminar covered the reforms of the Basel Accord along with the techniques and management structures used to control and quantify risk in the context of Basel Accord, as well as the regulatory framework governing risk practices and capital adequacy requirements. Over 100 students from different campuses participated in the seminar.

NGOs Meeting with the Public Health students at MUBS

An induction practicum training session was conducted at the auditorium of the MUBS Spears campus for the Public Health students at the School of Health Sciences. Dr. Nisreen Alwan opened the session by greeting the NGOs and students present stressing on the importance of the practicum in shaping their role as future Public Health specialists. Ms. Diana Maddah, the practicum coordinator, highlighted the objectives, deliverables, and expectations to students. Three NGOs -Teach for Lebanon, NAHNOO, and Women’s Program Association - presented the objectives, mission, vision and role of their foundations in making a difference in the community. The session ended with a Q & A discussion.
We wish our Public Health students all the best in their practicum. We are confident that this practical experience will provide them with the needed skills in the field and will put them one step further towards their graduation and towards their mission as leading Public Health specialists in Lebanon and the region.

MUBS Offers Lebanese School Students Free Health Check-ups

Earlier this month, the faculty members, staff, and students from the SHS visited schools to provide free medical examinations, which included glucose level testing, visual acuity screening, and body composition testing of the Body Mass Index (BMI), in addition to orientation sessions for the senior students. These services were provided by the School of Health Sciences' team of medical doctors, optometrists, and dietitians, supported by distinguished students of Public Health, Nutrition, and Optometry & Vision Science. As a sponsor to our event, Roche - Lebanon generously offered all materials regarding glucose testing including glucose meters, strips and AC Safe T Pro Uno. The visits included: Grand Lycée School in Barja, New Orient Academy School in Aberchmoun, Lebanese American School in Aramoun, and Ecole Saint Joseph De L’apparition in Beirut

Featured Interview with Mrs. Maya Azoury

1. Title at MUBS:

Director of Academic Affairs, British Academy in Lebanon

2. Academic Background:

MSc. in International HRM and Globalization, currently pursuing a PhD

3. How do students benefit from the services of Cardiff Met University, UK, while studying at MUBS in Lebanon?

Students benefit on many different levels. They first and foremost get the same high caliber of UK quality education recognized worldwide. They are able to earn 2 degrees, a Lebanese degree accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in addition to a British degree accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University. They enjoy the possibility of flexible schedule hours with morning and afternoon classes and a creative curriculum meeting student expectations using informative and practical methods. The degrees they earn are internationally recognized degrees providing them with an advantage over other applicants on the job market in Lebanon. Last, but not least, and this is a favorite amongst our students, they get the opportunity to attend one semester or more at Cardiff Met University UK.

4. What are the new programs at BAL? Can you tell us more about the new MSc in Sport Management and Leadership?

On top of our existing BA (Hons) in Business and Management Studies degree, the MBA Generic, and the MBA in Project Management which are highly popular, two new Master’s programs are in straight from the UK: MSc. in Sport Management and Leadership and MSc. in International Tourism and Hospitality Management in partnership with Cardiff Met . MUBS launched the Master’s degree in Sport Management and Leadership in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, and the Beirut Marathon Association at an event held at Le Bristol hotel with the UK professors who will teach the program and live testimonials from known Lebanese athletes such as Jassim Kanso and Walid Doumiati. This program targets new graduates in sports or related disciplines and professionals working in the sport and leisure industry who wish to develop their leadership skills or seek new opportunities. There is a need for such a Master’s in the Lebanese market, especially that, as with all our Master’s programs, it can be completed in just one year.

5. The MSc. in International Tourism and Hospitality Management will start with its first cohort in February 2017. Tell us more about what makes this program unique?

We all know that the Lebanese economy depends mainly on tourism and the hospitality sector is the second fastest growing sector behind banking.
This Master’s program is very cohesive especially as it encompasses international tourism and this is reflected in the course material and the practice part of the courses. The MSc. in International Tourism and Hospitality Management is designed to enable students to develop a practical knowledge in the industry. Our students shall benefit from our privileged relationships with distinguished hotels in Lebanon to be able to acquire a hands-on experience.

6. What topics does the program cover?

The courses on this program use interactive multidisciplinary perspectives to equip students with problem solving skills in the context of an industry and relevant, student-driven settings, designed to develop the next generation of self-reflective managers. The topics include concepts such as creativity, critical thinking, business stewardship and strategic planning. Our programs have many distinct features that will directly benefit students and give a competitive edge. The programs are designed to promote and encourage the development of advanced management knowledge and skills. Applicants include people progressing from undergraduate qualifications in the social sciences and humanities as well as from more applied and inter-disciplinary undergraduate programs such as Tourism Management, Hospitality Management or Events Management. The course is also designed to meet the career and personal development needs of professionals in the sector.

7. What about BAL’s connections with the job market? How do the graduates of this program benefit from this?

BAL has signed MOUs with top hotel brands in Lebanon and abroad. Our students have an impeccable score of employability straight after graduation. The program adopts teaching and assessment methods that will equip students with both critical thinking and employability skills ensuring readiness of its graduates to achieve their career goals.
During the course of their study, students undergo a number of work placements provided by the university in top hotels which ensure their ability to apply their theoretical knowledge. Many of our students are offered permanent positions following their internship. This is in addition to the tutorials and seminars that students are required to attend, where guest speakers are known figures in the hospitality and tourism industry.

8. How can interested students apply?

Students may apply online at www.mubs.edu.lb, by phone on 01 371885 and 71 566670, or even come in person to fill out their application. We have qualified staff ready for any questions they may have.

Wassim J

My favorite sport is football and I play it 4 times a week.


Basketball is my favorite sport and I practice it with my friends every weekend.


I would like to be a professional football player and in order to reach my target I practice every day.


Ping Pong is my favorite sport and I practice it 3 times per week.


My favorite sport is hiking. Actually, the nature empowers me and makes me more optimistic. I practice it twice a month and whenever I am stressful and in a bad mood.


Tennis is my favorite sport. I practice it three times per week with my friends.


My favorite sport is football. I practice it weekly with my friends. My favorite club is Barcelona.


Body building fit club is my favorite sport and I practice daily at the gym.


Football is my favorite sport! I practice it many times a week, let’s say at least 3 times a week.


I love jogging! It creates an irresistible bond with nature. I go jogging daily.


I like is football. I practice it at least twice per week.

Wassim H

Basketball! I go to the court with my friends weekly.


My favorite is swimming. I have the chance to practice it daily during summer time, but I keep on practicing it at least once a week during winter in an indoor pool.


I like basketball! I do the training daily during breaks and when I don’t have a big load of study.


I try to stay fit! I do aerobics twice per week.


Well, I like a different kind of sports, especially dancing. I train with a choreographer and my friends once per week.

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