New Degrees and Partnerships that Cater to Students’ Aspirations

For the past 16 years, MUBS was able to distinguish itself as a prominent Lebanese university. This was possible through pursuing unique projects that placated its status as an innovative institution in an extremely competitive environment. Our commitment to educational access and high-quality learning has taken us - and our students- to unchartered territory rife with thrilling possibilities and opportunities.

Last year, our Virtual Exchange Program offered our students the unmatched experience of studying alongside colleagues from San Jose State, Eastern Carolina, and Stanford Universities without leaving their classrooms in Beirut. Within the walls of these Next Generation classrooms, we were able to build bridges across the Atlantic, and counter stereotype threat by using new technologies and building on academic alignment. This year, we are exploring partnerships between our Public Health Program and Stanford Medical School, in a project that promises to deliver an invaluable experience to our faculty and students, while disrupting the status quo in pedagogical approaches in Lebanon.
Moreover, and in another leap forward, MUBS was able to partner with two reputable institutions to introduce a graduate program in Sport Management and Leadership. This program in collaboration with Beirut Marathon Association (BMA)- whose Founder and President is MUBS Board Member Mrs. May El Khalil- and Cardiff Metropolitan University, will introduce a scientific and methodical approach to sports in our country and the region. On one hand, Cardiff Metropolitan is a leading university in the UK, whose teams of Sports Managers and Educators manage and supervise several British national teams. Beirut Marathon Association, on the other hand, is beyond introduction, as it has gained acclaim and accolades for the organization of Beirut Marathon (which will be held on November 13 this year- we hope to see you there in large numbers!). Through this program, MUBS is bridging the knowledge gap between Lebanese and Britain, where Sport Management and Performance Analysis are two well-established disciplines of study. MUBS is also bridging the gap between theory and practice, as students of the new Masters Program will be able to hone their skills with leading experts in the world through working closely with BMA and other associations while completing their course work in the classroom. To add more, students graduating with this Master in Science degree will graduate with two degrees from MUBS in Lebanon and Cardiff Metropolitan in the UK.
Along the same vein of disruptive innovation and unbridled development, MUBS has recently become the only Lebanese university whose programs are fully moderated by a British university, gaining the quality assurance of a European reputable institution and guaranteeing first-rate education to all its students.
This network of partnerships and collaborations aims to create an educational atmosphere that allows our students to thrive as leaders in the new era of globalization and innovative specialization. Such opportunities were only possible thanks to the long-term strategies that we have set, and the credible reputation we have nurtured on the national and international levels. MUBS has proudly become an oasis of transformational learning that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a lifetime of success.
Dr. Nael Alami, VP for Research and Innovation.

Interview with Milad Hadchiti,
Image Consultant, Personal Branding, and Public Speaking Coach

1. Milad Hadchiti, tell us more about how your journey started as a personalized life coach and how your interest in social image and personal branding instigated?

I began my 15-year journey in media as a journalist, TV presenter, and editor in chief. Afterwards, I studied image consultancy in the United States. Since then, I started searching for ways to help people improve their personal image.
After that, I studied Personal Branding in London during which I started to set my goals and planned to reach them. I was later introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and life coaching and became a certified life coach with a Masters in NLP.
This combination led to the development of my company Nec Plus Ultra where we work on three main factors:
  A- Appearance
  B- Behavior
  C- Communication
We believe that groups and individuals can reach success easily by implementing these three factors.

2. How can a person maintain a positive outlook towards life?

  A- You should know that you deserve success. Once you know this, you begin to set positive goals.
  B- You should know that there is a solution for every problem.
By following these two steps, one can simply retain a positive lifestyle.

3. We are interviewing you around the beginning of the new academic year (2016-2017). Tell us and our students what are the main factors that lead to negative thinking? How can one switch his negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones?

It is all about the mindset and how we form our beliefs.
First off, we have to know that our minds function based on settings (for example: like a computer or like the settings of any electronic devices) based on what beliefs we have from our childhood.
Carol Dweck is one of the most renowned psychologists in the US. She identifies two mindsets:
  1- Fixed Mindset- The negative mindset
  2- Growth Mindset – Switching from negativity to positivity
Being negative or positive is relative to our belief system and to our thoughts. When we decide to change our reality, we have to change our thoughts and reactions to keep a positive mindset.

4. Based on your experience, what are some tips that may be given to our students starting college life and pursuing their dreams?

My advice to the students for the beginning of their academic year is to stop having wishes and start putting goals and well-formed outcomes. In order to succeed we must have goals and plans. A wish is a goal without a plan and a goal is a wish with a plan. If we want to reach success, all that we have to do is put a plan, make it smart, specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant with a time frame and to start working step by step towards this goal.

5. You founded in 2013, Nec Plus Ultra, the first personal branding company is Lebanon. What was the motive behind its foundation? How do you see the role of this organization in shaping a better way of life for individuals?

Our mission at Nec Plus Ultra is to help people look good, feel better, feel more confident, and eventually express themselves well. When we started this mission, we were thinking about how the Lebanese youth can benefit from this initiative.
At Nec Plus Ultra we do several trainings, workshops and events related to personal branding, positivity, leadership, positive attitude and mindset, in addition to time management and soft skills. We work with children, youth, and adults because we believe that if we start implementing positivity in children’s minds we will help them reach a brighter future.
We don’t do classical trainings; we use role-plays, interactive games, and exercises to spread the message and this is what makes our trainings appealing.

6. Tell us more about your book “365 for a Positive Life”.

“365 for a Positive Life” is a day to day book. It is a daily positivity guide. Each day consists of exercises, quotes, tips, and positive stories. It is a small reminder to keep a positive mindset. It’s a simple interactive book and it was a bestseller at Virgin Megastore. The English version was ranked number one for the year 2015 while the Arabic version was ranked number one for the year 2016.

7. In your book, each day contains a positive message. Which message do you always adopt yourself and why? Do you believe that a person can live a negative-free life?

My favorite tip is reminding myself each and every day that I am ALIVE! And because I am alive I have to experience life everyday as if I was born today. I personally think that this is very important in order to see life with a positive mindset.
I don’t believe in a negative-free life, because sometimes negativity is a must. Let’s not name them as negative emotions, let’s call them unpleasant emotions. Sometimes we need and we have to feel these unpleasant feelings in order to regain our positivity. This is the secret to living a balanced life.

8. Your latest training sessions held at the University Center for Training and Development (UCTD) at MUBS gained an excellent feedback. Can you tell us more about these sessions?

These sessions focused on public speaking skills. We received great feedback regarding this training and I enjoyed it with the group as well.
I shared with the participants the technical and practical tools on how to speak with impact.
Speaking with impact is something we can learn to do; it is definitely not easy but doable.
One has to master how to formulate thoughts, how to know the audience, how to deal with anxiety, and how to fulfill people’s needs.

9. What is your message to MUBS students as they embark on their college life?

My only message to MUBS students is to stay positive, believe in themselves, and to put positive goals at the beginning of this year. They should also know that negativity is something we have learned and something we can change by flipping our thoughts into positive ones.
Don’t forget that it’s through a simple daily act that you can feel grateful and say (thank you) and (why not?) everyday. It is possible to fulfill your dreams and to live a happy life. It’s our right so let’s claim our rights!

Dr. Hatem Alamy granted the Middle East Education Leadership Award in Dubai, UAE!

We are honored and pleased to announce that the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS, Dr. Hatem Alamy, received earlier this week the Middle East Education Leadership Award. The award was presented to Dr. Alamy based on his proven visionary leadership, in addition to his contributions for social change over the years.
The event was held on October 5th at the Address Hotel in Dubai as part of the World Sustainability Congress. Attendees included senior leaders from top educational institutes from GCC countries, Japan, China, Philippines, India, and Hong Kong.
Congratulations to our Founder and Chairman, Dr. Hatem Alamy!

The School of Health Sciences Celebrates the Graduation of its First Cohort in Nutrition & Dietetics

This year October the 14th was not like any other regular day at MUBS! The faculty, staff, and students of the School of Health Sciences (SHS) celebrated the graduation of our first cohort in Nutrition & Dietetics in a memorable gathering followed by a “Nutritious” movie night.
A quick glance at the Nutrition Program at MUBS with all the achievements and milestones that have been reached was presented to the crowd. The gathering was also attended by the heads of the dietary departments of the hospitals that MUBS has signed Hospital Dietetic Internship contracts with.
The dietary supervisors gave positive testimonials about the outstanding performance of our graduates in the hospitals, and the superb reputation of MUBS-Nutrition program in Lebanon. In making this day unforgettable, MUBS surprised the Nutrition graduates with souvenir gadgets and unique limited edition university pins as a special gesture from SHS.

Some pictures from Orientation Days for New Students at our Campuses

Damour Orientation

Spears Orientation

Aley Orientation

Simkaniyeh Orientation





Why did you choose your major?
What are the activities you would like to be part of this year at MUBS?

Mohamad- Business Management

- It was my dad’s choice to study business management. We own a business and I will be taking over, so I must have solid business knowledge to maintain a successful company.
- I am a sports fanatic, so I am mainly looking forward to participating in sports activities and events.

Wassim- Computer Science

- I am into computers and programming. As a kid, I was always eager to learn about technology.
- I love sports and will enjoy participating in sports-related activities.

Rawan- Business HR

- When choosing my major, I went for something that has many job opportunities in Lebanon. Business is a broad sector and I believe that there are always openings out there.
- I am looking forward to participating in all activities. I want to experience university life to its fullest.

Nada- Public Health

- I have always been interested in health-related topics and in helping people in my community. That is why I think Public health is exactly what I want to pursue in my life.
- I would love to be a part of the research department. I am more into academic activities than social ones. eddine Ramadan. He has always been very helpful, friendly, and at the same time professional.

Faisal - Management

- I mainly chose my major to get promoted at my current job.
- I am a fan of all kinds of events. For this upcoming year, I would like to be a volunteer in the outdoors.

Razan – Early Childhood Education

- I chose my major because I adore children.
- I am excited to be in every activity at MUBS like the outdoors. I would also like to attend seminars that are related to my major.

Rola - Optometry

- I chose my major because I am planning to have my own business in the future, so I hope to open an optic clinic when I finish.
- I would like to attend a lot of seminars this year to gain more knowledge in my field of study.

Samer- Management

- I chose this major to get promoted in my work.
- MUBS outdoors is one of the activities I would like to be a part of.

Razan: Banking & Finance

- I chose my major with the hope that it will guarantee many job opportunities after graduation, and a good salary too.
- Since I am a music player, I would like to be a part of a music festival at MUBS and any other fun activities.

Hisham: Business Administration

- I like to work in economic enterprises and hope to be a successful businessman.
- My all-time favorite activity is basketball so I would like to be a part of the team at MUBS.

Rayan: Accounting

- I love numbers, so that was one of the reasons why I applied to my major. Plus I am aiming to work in a bank later on.
- I am up for any sports-related activities, especially football.

Alaa: Marketing

- I chose my major because it depends on communicating with people and this is one of my favorite things.
- The activity I would like to be part of is football-training sessions in order to develop my skills.

Dina - Marketing

- Marketing is an interesting major and upon graduation I am sure I will find many attractive job opportunities in the Lebanese market.
- I am looking forward to all types of events especially marketing seminars and conferences.

Roua – Public Health

- Public Health is a very important major. The field of public health is constantly evolving in response to the needs of communities and populations around the world.
- I would like to be part of a theater club.

Maya - Nutrition

- I chose nutrition because I love biology and I’d like to help people stay healthy and in shape.
- The activities I would like to be part of are nutrition-related workshops, healthy club, and sports club.

Samer – Business Administration

- Business Administration is a wide field that incorporates many types of management positions. From major corporations to small businesses, every operation needs skilled administrators to be executed.
- I would like to be part of any sports-related activities such as table tennis and basketball.