MUBS 12th Annual Graduation Ceremony

MUBS's 12th Graduation Ceremony took place on September 20, 2016. The excitement of parents, students and friends was palpable as the MUBS class of 2016 took to the stage of UNESCO Palace in Beirut. The ceremony signaled another landmark success for MUBS, days after announcing a unique partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University and Beirut Marathon Association to launch new programs that open the doors of success to Lebanese students. 
The ceremony's Keynote speaker was the Founder and President of Beirut Marathon Association, Mrs. May El Khalil, the inspirational leader whose work placed Lebanon on the international stage for an event that brings together hundreds of thousands, joined by a message of peace and tolerance. The ceremony was attended by Professor Mohamed Loutfi, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) and MUBS Chairman of the Board, Dr. Hatem Alamy. The program was hosted by prominent Lebanese actor, Mr. Jihad Al-Atrash, who introduced valedictorians and keynote speakers. Dr. Hatem Alamy welcomed all guests and invitees, highlighting the exceptional 2016 milestones achieved by MUBS: The move to a new campus in Spears; the Moderation of MUBS Study Programs with Cardiff Metropolitan University; MSc. Program in partnership with Beirut Marathon Association; creative student community engagement projects; and the Partnerships with renowned universities such as Stanford, Georgetown and East Carolina.

Mrs. May El Khalil delivered an inspiring speech to MUBS graduates, urging them to take the lead for change and give back to their nation, with belief in themselves, and resilience to get them to the finish line. They are the now and the future of the nation, she proclaimed, and that their had work will reap its rewards. She concluded as she hyped up the crowds with rounds of applause, advising the students to pursue their own version of happiness, seeking peace, and running their marathon.

Professor Mohamed Loutfi on behalf of Cardiff Metropolitan University highlighted in his speech the importance of partnerships among universities and reflected on the strong relations between MUBS and Cardiff Met. Professor Loutfi stressed the importance of student and staff exchange mobility programs between the two partner institutions in Lebanon and Wales; an exchange that has been vital for improving both parties and assuring high-quality education to Lebanese and British students and faculty. He hailed MUBS faculty and staff for their huge efforts in maintaining top British academic quality standards in all modules offered.

Professor Mohamed Loutfi then accompanied Dr. Alamy and Mrs. El Khalil in handing diplomas to the graduates.


The Official Launch of the Master’s degree in Sport Management & Leadership

The Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University and Beirut Marathon Association launched its newly exclusive Master’s degree in Sport Management and Leadership. This new program comes as part of the university’s role and commitment in enhancing academic programmes in Lebanon and offering more opportunities to students in town.
The launching ceremony took place on the 8th of September, 2016 at the Lancaster Hotel, Beirut at the presence of figureheads from the Education and Sports industry in Lebanon.
Dr. Alun Hardman, Dean of the School of Sports at Cardiff Met, UK, thanked everyone for their hospitality and MUBS for their renewed trust in partnerships with Cardiff Met and welcomed the new trifold partnership with BMA. Dr. Hardman stressed on the immense passion and dedication witnessed through the hard work which preceded the culmination of this partnership. He was confident that this partnership would open new doors of cooperation not only on the sports education front for the three partners, but also will open new doors of cooperation between the people of the United Kingdom and the people of Lebanon.   
Dr. Hatem Alamy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS, welcomed the distinguished guests and emphasized on the importance of such an addition to the Body of Knowledge at a higher education level which the new Master’s will bring to the Lebanese scene. Dr. Alamy envisioned the uniqueness of the new Masters and the depth of trust and cooperation the partnership between MUBS , Cardiff Met and now BMA being reflected in this new Master’s Degree.
Mr. Zaid Khyam, Director General of Lebanon’s Ministry of Sports and Youth, in his turn he thanked everyone for inviting the Ministry of Sports and Youth to witness this new partnership and stressed on how the private and public sectors should cooperate in order to elevate the higher education level in general and the sports education in particular. Mr. Khyami shared some of the new aspirations the Ministry is hoping to achieve soon and offered professional assistance in incorporating more sports management in schools’ curricula in Lebanon.
Mrs. May El Khalil, founder and President of the Beirut Marathon Association, concluded the ceremony with an inspiring speech, she expressed that she’s immensely grateful and proud to be marking such a special day were sports education has taken on such a high caliber bringing a Master’s degree to be offered in Lebanon at MUBS in partnership with Cardiff Met and BMA. Mrs. El Khalil was confident the role of sports would soon stretch beyond higher education to become a necessity in the social education system and extend to broader conflict resolving tools for spreading love and peace among nations.
The launching ceremony ended with the signage of the partnership followed by a cocktail reception.

Under- A- Wear Awareness Campaign

Because sharing is caring and as part of its commitment towards community service, the Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) and in collaboration with Teach for Lebanon (TFL), Elena Foundation, Sonbola Foundation, Dawaer, and FoodBlessed organized an awareness event under the name “Under-A-Wear” on September 17th, 2016 in Sonbola Learning Center in Hawsh Moussa, Anjar, targeting Syrian Refugee children in Bar Elias Camp and neighboring Camps.

Since the Syrian Civil War began, the number of Syrian refugees increased tremendously reaching around 5 million. Half of those affected are children. Children affected by the Syrian conflict are at risk of becoming ill, malnourished, abused, or exploited.

People, all over the world, are donating food and wears to refugee children but very few are familiar of other basic needs that refugee lack such undergarments. In fact, many Syrian refugee children don’t own any underwear. Sanitation and cleanliness are increasingly important in refugee camps, and underwear is a necessity in maintaining proper hygiene. Wearing underwear also maintains privacy.

The MUBS event organized opened with awareness sessions by Dawaer Foundation stressing on the importance of wearing underwear, personal hygiene, protection from sexual abuse, and violence. Children demonstrated to their fellows what they have learned and enchanted songs related to the topics discussed. Hygiene kits and under garments were then distributed. After the awareness sessions, children were involved in educational activities conducted by MUBS Public Health students and TFL fellows. After a day full of fun and activities, FoodBlessed hunger hero volunteers prepared delicious meals for the kids all over the day.

A smile was drawn on the faces of those children who were in need for such extracurricular activities. This event will be one of a series of events that will be carried out by MUBS supporting communities in need.

MUBS Health Days (Hasbayya & Rachayya)

In line with the University’s dedication to community engagement and social responsibility, the School of Health Sciences at MUBS organized two health days in Hasbayya and Rachayya in partnership with Hasbayya Municipality and the Union of Municipalities of Haramoun Mountain. The two events were in collaboration with Amalouna Foundation, Syndicate of Opticians and Optometrists and Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute at the AUBMC. 

The health days commenced with free medical services including measurement of blood glucose, blood pressure, BMI, body composition analysis (water, fat, etc.) and visual acuity. Free medical eyeglasses were distributed to those with vision problems.

These services were provided by our faculty members consisting of optometrists, public health specialists, and dietitians, with the help of our Public Health, Nutrition, and Optometry and Vision Science students.

Awareness lectures were then delivered by Dr. Nael Alami, VP for Research and Innovation at MUBS, who stressed the importance of these health days and the important role that MUBS is playing in shaping the lives of the community.
Dr. Hassan Zaraket, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at AUB, gave a brief overview of the contagious diseases especially those prevalent during the summer season. He highlighted the importance of hygiene in our lives to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria.
Dr. Rihab Nasr, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Director of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute, AUBMC and Amalouna Founder, talked about cancer, its different types, its causes, and prevention methods. Preventive measures that should be taken during summer were highlighted by Dr. Zakia Dimassi.
Dr. Mahmoud Hakim, Instructor at the Department of Optometry and Vision Science at MUBS stressed on the importance of vision care and the need for follow-up treatments.

The lectures were concluded by a small presentation on the senior project prepared by Nutrition students Widyan al Shaar, Farah Zayour and Rana al Saify that highlighted the importance of following a healthy diet.

Cardiff Met Faculty Visit the School of Health Sciences

As part of the Erasmus+ Project staff mobility for training, Ms. Victoria Gould and Mr. Henry Dawson, two faculty members from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK visited the School of Health Sciences at MUBS. Cardiff Met. Staff attended a number of classes and gave lectures with SHS faculty pertaining to several areas such as pest control, nutrition and HIV, and nutrition in bariatric surgery. Class discussions were very beneficial and comprehensive. The lectures provided an environment for exchanging experiences and comparing between the Lebanese and British healthcare systems. This was also an opportunity to prepare for the moderation that will be carried out between the Schools starting in the Fall 2016-2017.

ISO22000:2005 Theory & Practice Training

An ISO22000:2005 Theory & Practice Training took place at the University Center for Training & Development, UCTD Jal El Dib on the 12th and 13th of August.

The training was presented by Dr. Hussein Hassan, Assistant Professor at LAU and Food Safety Trainer. Dr. Hassan explained the ISO standards and gave practical examples from his previous experience in the food safety work field.

“Vision: What is up?” Seminar

After the success of the first optometry workshop held in April 2016, a series of seminar lectures under the title “Vision: What is up?” were held on August 11th, 2016 at the University Center for Training and Development (UCTD) at MUBS, Jal el Dib. A panel of guest speakers presented an array of topics related to the field of ophthalmic lenses. Dr. Nisreen Alwan, Dean of School of Health Sciences (SHS) at MUBS, welcomed the audience and shed the light on the latest accomplishments at the SHS.

Ms. Myriam Doueihi Sarouni, Product Manager at KRYS Group in France, introduced the audience to personalized optical lenses. In her talk, she presented free form surfacing, manual fitting techniques, and digital measuring devices. Ms. Mira Mrad, Senior Territory Manager at Medicals International, gave a brief overview of HOYA portfolio and stressed on the importance of UV control to protect vision.

Mr. Abbas Hodroj, Optometrist and Instructor at the Department of Optometry and Vision Science at MUBS, gave a short discussion on bandage contact lenses. The talks were concluded by Dr. Mahmoud Hakim, Faculty Member at the Optometry and Vision Science Department, who presented to the audience visual perception.

The audience consisted of professionals, academics, and students of Optometry and Vision Science. The audience interactively discussed with the panel the highlighted topics and stressed on the importance of these topics in the development of the Optometry specialization.

“Entrepreneur to be” Seminar

The International School of Business (ISB) invited the Entrepreneurship expert Mr. Tarek S. Matar to perform a business colloquium on ‘Entrepreneur to be’ at the MUBS Spears Campus on August 10.

Mr. Tarek S. Matar is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert, Managing Partner at Excellence in Governance Lebanon, Governance, Risk & Compliance Consultant, Co-founder and President of Neopreneur, Byblos.

Mr. Matar discussed the following with the students: 

  • Lebanese entrepreneurial wall of fame
  • Challenges of startups outside the capital
  • Introduction to debt & equity financing opportunities in Lebanon
  • Debt financing and how to leverage your startup
  • Business model canvas of major international and Lebanese successes
  • Third Sports Nutrition Training

    The Third Session of the Sports Nutrition Training took place on Saturday July 16 at the University Center for Training & Development (UCTD) in Jal El Dib.
    Dr. Ziad Harb, MD & Professor in Sports Nutrition, discussed the physiology of the muscles, benefits of physical exercise, and the debate about doping and supplements.
    Mr. Robert Maalouf, Certified Trainer, discussed the different types of exercise, meal preparation pre and post workout, and the different types of sports supplements.
    The training which was sponsored by Numed, Le Gym and Saniour, was attended by dietitians and personal trainers who received certificates of attendance at the end of the session.

    MUBS SHS Students Senior Project

    Congratulations to the School of Health Sciences Seniors Rana Al Saify, Widyan Al Shaar and Farah Zayour for the success on their final project.
    The student’s final project was to travel to different Lebanese villages and spread health awareness and healthy tips to a wide range of people.
    “حلك توعى” campaign, started at Mashkeety, then too Maesrayti to reach Ain Zhalta.
    The campaign included presentations about different chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases in relation to dietary habits. In addition to shedding the light on different healthy eating choices. After each presentation, surveys were distributed to assess the populations’ improvement to become “Healthy Thinking People”.
    The day also included free health exams such as (blood glucose, hypertension, and body composition tests). At the end of each day “healthy gifts” were distributed including blood glucose measurement machines, hypertension measurement machines, weight balances and healthy food.
    MUBS congratulates SHS seniors on such success, enthusiasm and duty to benefit from their nutrition major in the help of others.

    The School of Health Sciences Signs New Memoranda of Understanding

    The School of Health Sciences at MUBS is proud to announce new Memoranda of Understanding with some of the prestigious hospitals in Lebanon!

    Through the hard work and dedication of the SHS team members, MUBS is proud to announce the signing of new Memoranda of Understanding with some of the top hospitals in Lebanon.

    The hospitals are:

  • Sahel General Hospital- Beirut, Airport Road
  • Al Zahraa Hospital, Beirut, Jnah Road
  • Al Jabal Hospital- Mtein
  • Al Hayat Hospital- Hazmieh
  • Raee Hospital- Saida
  • Ain W Zein Hospital- Ain W Zein
  • Bellevue Medical Center- Mansourieh
  • All hospitals are ISO certified and accredited by the Ministry of Public Health & Foreign Accrediting Companies.

    For more information on how to apply for an internship, please contact Ms. Laura Hjeij (

    Dr. Guitta Abou Khalil
    Dean, International School of Business (ISB)

    My fellow students, you only arrived here few years ago, and now it's already time to leave.
    It must be a very proud moment for you. Chasing a dream requires effort and passion, but the hard work isn't over when you graduate. It's just a break as you enter the new battlefields of life. Congratulations and Good luck!
    Your success is evidence that our program is at the forefront of the business world, responding to its needs and creating its future leaders. At the ISB, you were not mere numbers; you were the center of our attention.
    When you leave here, we hope you will become leaders in your chosen fields. I cannot express how excited we all are to watch you from afar. Come back and see us, and when you do, bring stories.
    Finally, your graduation my dear students doesn’t mark the completion of your education. Don’t ever stop pursuing knowledge. I am very proud of your accomplishments thus far.
    Hats off to you graduates!

    Dr. Alaaeddine Ramadan
    Acting Dean, School of Computer & Applied Sciences

    Dear CS Alumni,
    You finally achieved your target with your will and determination. After graduation, comes more challenges and opportunities. Face them both with the same zeal and determination.
    Congratulations on your Graduation and best wishes for a bright future.

    Mrs. Rima Ammar
    Chairperson, Graphic Design Department

    Dear Graduates,
    Change is a constant law, everything in our life is in continuous change, constantly in the process of becoming something else. Our finances, our friendships, our career possibilities, our life opportunities, our health, our children, our parents, our daily activities, our insights, all are forever changing and becoming something else.
    My advice to you is not to be afraid of change but to embrace it as a healthy and important part of your life, and to be proactive in initiating positive variations. Be positive and always expect positivity in return.
    I wish that this new step in your life opens the door to many successful ventures.

    Dr. Houda Sleem
    Dean, School of Education & Social Work

    Dear Social Work Graduates,
    Celebrate all that is good in your life, always move forward towards the greater good.
    Remember what Stephen Covey stated: “Look at the weaknesses of others with compassion, not accusation. It’s not what they’re doing that’s the issue. The issue is your own chosen response to the situation and what you should be doing”.

    Dr. Racha Khansa
    Chairperson, Education Department

    Every year MUBS gets to meet new group of lively and optimistic students, listen to them talk about their desires and dreams, and spend the following three years aiding them build the skills needed for their success. However, each year we feel bittersweet when we have to say goodbye to our graduates who have made it through. This sadness to say farewell is combined with a genuine feeling of optimism and pride. As we hand you your diplomas, we feel confident that the world is a better place because of you, talented teachers who are now equipped with all the skills needed to make a difference in students’ lives.
    To our delightful students, keep in touch, keep pursuing your passion, and make all your dreams come true. Have fun and thrive for the best. Hope to see you soon.

    Dr. Nisreen Alwan
    Dean, School of Health Sciences

    Our first graduating cohort at the School of Health Sciences,
    This moment has finally come true! Graduation is not the end, it's just the beginning. I hope your dreams take you to new heights, new opportunities, and new hopes.
    Remember that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
    Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
    “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Dr. Samer Hamzeh
    Dean, British Academy in Lebanon (BAL)

    Today you are achieving what you had set your eyes on when you first joined the British Academy in Lebanon at MUBS. Life is full of challenges for you to conquer and the sky is your limit. We wish you great success in your professional and personal lives. We will keep in touch through our Alumni association.

    Favorite Memory(s) at MUBS & Best Instructor


    The best memories at MUBS were those made with the amazing faculty & staff members at the Beirut campus. They were not only helpful but very friendly and supportive. Some have even become my close friends.
    Best Instructor: Mrs. Ghada Attieh. How can someone not respect or love Mrs. Attieh! She was extremely sweet, helpful, and humble.


    The best memory at MUBS was the Outdoors event. It was always fun celebrating with friends, meeting celebrities, and enjoying delicious food.
    Best Instructor: Mr. Samer Dimashkiyi. His classes were informative and he constantly provided support to the students.


    The best memory at MUBS was the feeling of accomplishment that I sensed when completing all my credits. I am finally graduating!!
    Best Instructor: Mrs. Vanessa Chehade. She has always supported and believed in me and I am so glad I got the chance to take classes with her.


    The best memory was being a part of the MUBS family and meeting great friends, staff and faculty members.
    Best Instructor: Dr. Alaaeddine Ramadan. He has always been very helpful, friendly, and at the same time professional.


    Our gatherings for group projects followed by creative presentations with my friends were my favorite memories at MUBS.
    Best Instructor: Ms. Safaa Zeinedine. She is kind and her classes provided avenues for exploring new things especially in English Language.


    The beautiful memory that I will never forget was the visit to Shemlan’s center, where we engaged with children with special needs.
    Best Instructor: Ms. Dana Hteit. She is kind and helpful.


    My favorite memory at MUBS is the university itself and all the activities we did throughout the years.
    Best Instructor: Mrs. Maha Baz. She was my favorite instructor because of her motivational way of teaching and her continuous encouragement. Thank you!


    My favorite memory at MUBS was the Outdoors.
    Best Instructor: Mr. Samer Daou since he is constantly motivating and inspiring students.


    All the events at MUBS were good memories that I will forever cherish.
    Best Instructor: Mrs. Reem Bou Zeineddine. Sweet, intelligent, informative, and friendly.


    I have created long lasting memories like my good friendships at MUBS.
    Best Instructor: Mr. Rajeh Sleem. He is such a motivated and supportive instructor.


    My favorite memory at MUBS was the participation in the 2014 Fun Day at the Damour Campus.
    Best Instructor: Ms. Amal Abou Shakra. She is my favorite instructor as she shows us respect and is extremely friendly during class hours.


    Education has no limits so being a student again after 13 years was such a remarkable experience. I’ve met great instructors and made new friends where we shared our knowledge and thoughts
    Best Instructor: Mrs. Rima Fayad. She was proficient in creating a positive learning environment in class.


    I will miss all the memories I created with friends here at MUBS.
    Best Instructor: Dr. Latifa Attieh. She is very professional and delivers information in a very skillful way.


    Memories were drawn in every class and hallways at the university. Never knew that turning back to laughs would bring me into tears! My doctors and friends have made the best memories of my life.
    Best Instructor: Dr. Hasan Chamas. He delivers the information in such a wonderful and interesting way!


    The memories that I will never forget were the ones spent with friends and instructors.
    Best Instructor: Dr. Guitta Abou Khalil. She treats her students in a very friendly and supportive way.


    The best memory is time spent with friends studying together in the library and having fun.
    Best Instructor: Mr. Mohammad Azzakir. He had a great influence on us in terms of information provided and he successfully created a friendly environment in the class sessions.