Launching of UWN

Under the patronage and in the presence of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, H.E. Mr. Marwan Hamade, the Modern University for Business and Science launched the University Wellness Network (UWN) at Simkaniyeh Campus.

The UWN is an organization established by MUBS with an objective to empower individuals to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors.

The event also included the distribution of the “Outstanding Youth Awards” for a group of distinguished youth from the Chouf region, in addition to our students who won many contests.

The invitees had the chance to discover the latest medical technology that MUBS has equipped the center with and were introduced to the different clinics, in addition to the fitness gym that will be introducing a new training method that is known as the Gym Circuit for the whole body workout.

LINE - MUBS Graphic Design Exhibition

Earlier this month, the Graphic Design department at MUBS organized an exhibition entitled "LINE" showcasing the students' distinguished projects throughout this academic year.

The opening took place at the MUBS Beirut Campus in Spears in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Hatem Alamy, in addition to the department’s instructors, MUBS faculty, and staff. During his opening speech, Dr. Alamy announced to the students the approval MUBS was granted last week by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to start offering the Interior Design major starting this Fall 2017-2018.

Over two days, the visitors enjoyed the artwork of our Graphic Design students from different levels and courses all over our campuses.

MUBS Talks

On Wednesday May 10, 2017, the Modern University for Business and Science organized its first public speaking contest entitled: MUBS Talks!
Ten of our recognized students presented different topics in front of the judges. Hala Sarieddine, David Abdel Baki, Hiba Tabet, Laura Ajab, Myrna Yehya, Mirvat Abou Diab, Mazen Zahradinne, Nisreen Al Sahili, Rayan Joahari, and Yasmine Ghannam lived this special experience and showed their knowledge and skills.
The judges Alice Edde, Andre Abi Awad, Gavin Ford, and Cynthia Khalifeh were so impressed by the quality of the contestants and awarded incredible prizes such a celebrity photo shoot, talent workshops, invitation to the Entreprenergy Arab Summit, Scuba diving Discovery, Designer bag, and much more.
Although it was hard for the jury to choose a winner, but in the end the First Place went to Imad El Asmar who presented on “How to start your own business.” Imad will be interviewed by Gavin Ford on Radio One in June to talk about his experience at the Public Speaking Contest. Imad was also awarded a spot at the Entreprenergy Summit in October 2017 which connects Wantrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs to Leaders and Founders. All other participants were invited by Andre Abi Awad to represent MUBS at the Summit

Memorandum of Understanding between MUBS and ISSA

The Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) and the International Sports Sciences Association Lebanon (ISSA) are pleased to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on July 18th.
Dr. Hatem Alamy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS and Mr. Rudy Sleiman, Founder and Director of ISSA Lebanon, attended the signing along with some representatives from both institutions.
International Sports Sciences Association Lebanon has been established by Rudy Sleiman in 2007 in coordination with ISSA USA, with the clear mission of bringing high levels of education to the Lebanese personal fitness trainers and instructors. ISSA is the world’s leader in fitness certification since 1988.

MUBS organizes the “Sports Challenges and Opportunities in Lebanon” Conference

Under the Patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Mohamed Fneich, the Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) organized a sports conference to meet the challenges faced by the sports sector in Lebanon. The event took place on June 6 at the University’s auditorium in the Spears campus- Beirut. The aim of the conference was finding ways to overcome the existing complexities of the political situation and sectarian influences on sports and the need to secure other forms of funds and resources for its development.
The Dean of the British Academy in Lebanon, Dr. Samer Hamzeh, who delivered the opening speech at the conference, welcomed the attendees and spoke of the uniqueness of the new Master’s program in Sport and Leadership Management offered at MUBS in full partnership with Cardiff Met University, a leading university in Sport achievements in the UK, and the Beirut Marathon Association, another leading association in changing the sport culture in Lebanon.
Mr. Ezzat Kraytem, Head of the Lebanese Olympic Committee and Sport Management & Leadership Programme Director at MUBS, discussed the role of the Lebanese Olympic Committee in installing a culture of sport in the Lebanese communities and the importance of the new Master’s program offered at MUBS in benefiting the sport body with high caliber educated members at such high standards of Sport and Leadership levels.
The Beirut Marathon Association, a partner in the Sport Management and Leadership program with MUBS and Cardiff Met was represented by Mr. Peter Murakade, its CEO, who discussed the escalating success the organization has experienced since its inception and noted how the newly offered program at MUBS could benefit the association and other entities on the sport scene in Lebanon and the neighboring countries.
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS Dr. Hatem Alamy, started his address by thanking the Minister of Youth and Sports for his patronage and attendance. Dr. Alamy went on to discuss the development of sport management and how Lebanese universities should provide the most distinguished academic qualifications to go in par with the promising success achieved by young Lebanese athletes recently, through offering them renowned programs. Candidates from the Sport and Leadership Master’s program offered at MUBS will graduate with the necessary academic and practical competencies. They will become the future contributors in creating a positive environment cultivating a sports learning environment capable of placing Lebanese athletes and sporting industries on the global map.
His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Mohamed Fneish thanked the University for organizing this conference and highlighted its importance in setting priorities and identifying the most imperative challenges, stressing upon the importance of incorporating such sports cultural events and the positive role sports play in supporting youth and protecting them from possible deviations. Mr. Fneish also congratulated MUBS on the recent achievement of its basketball team in the "Belgrade International Universites Tournement - Best 2017" in Serbia.

The opening ceremony was followed by two sessions:
First session: ‘Evolution of sport sector in Lebanon – The case of the Lebanese Basketball’
Session Chair: Brigadier George El-Hed, Commander of the Higher Center for Military Sports
Participants: Mr. Pierre Kakhia, President of the Basketball Federation of Lebanon
Mr. Fadi El Khatib, Captain of the Lebanese Basketball National team
Mr. Ghayath Dibra, a prominent sport journalist at LBCI
Mr. Tamam Jaroudi, Vice President of Al Riyadi Sporting Club
Mr. Ahmad Farran, Head Coach of Al Riyadi Basketball team

Second session: ‘Tools & Mechanisms for sports development’
Participants: Colonel Paul Saliba, Representative of the Higher Centre for Military Sports
Dr. Bachir Abdel Khalek the Technical Director at the Lebanese Paralympic Committee

Designing your Future: MUBS Graduate Seminar

The Career Services Office at MUBS, in collaboration with the International School of Business (ISB), British Academy in Lebanon (BAL) and the English department, held a career skills seminar entitled: “Designing your Future: MUBS Graduate Seminar” at the Spears Campus on May 18th. The seminar was an excellent opportunity for alumni and senior students to learn how to secure the right job opportunity.
Speakers included:
• Mrs. Sonia Sabbah, Certified Executive Personal Coach and author of Etiquette in the City: BEIRUT, presented on “How to Brand Yourself”.
• Mr. Andrew Baker, General Manager of Beirut Duty Free, presented on Employee Selection Criteria.
• Mr. Dal Hitti, board member of Hire Lebanese and founder of Mobadarat wa Kararat Association, discussed Innovative Job Hunting Techniques.

More than 170 students enjoyed the fruitful seminar and discussion afterwards.

MUBS - Cardiff Met.: Five Year Partnership Review

he MUBS-Cardiff Met five year partnership review the UK Quality Assurance Agency appointed a delegation to perform a comprehensive onsite assessment of the different academic and support services provided by MUBS across its four campuses. After three days of assessments and a full day of faculty and staff meetings as well as facility visits, the appointed panel unanimously approved and congratulated the university management team on the work they had undertaken to prepare for the event and were pleased to recommend the re-approval of the partnership between the two universities to the Academic Quality and Standards Board. Moreover, the panel commended the programme teams on the following areas of good practice:
• The very strong partnership and engagement of staff in both institutions.
• The exceptionally well qualified staff with very relevant experience in their chosen field.
• The energy and drive demonstrated in developing creative learning environments that provide opportunities for local and widening participation.

In addition to that, the panel took the opportunity to conduct a validation visit to the Jal El Dib campus and was pleased to provide an initial approval to the delivery of the programmes starting fall 2017-18 semester.
A big congratulation goes from the British Academy in Lebanon’s team to the university on achieving a yet new milestone.

Former Lebanese Army's Chief of Staff MG Walid Salman Gives a Seminar on Leadership at MUBS

As part of the seminars organized by the International School of Business (ISB) at MUBS, Major General Walid Salman, former Lebanese Army's Chief of Staff, was invited as a guest speaker to present his long experience in Leadership in the Militay sector. The students had the chance to indulge in several topics of interest to them, and MG Salman was more than happy to answer the questions on current issues in Lebanon.

MUBS Represents Lebanon in Global Partners in Education X Conference: New Collaborations in Research and Teaching

On a three day visit to East Carolina University (ECU) in the United States, Dr. Nael Alami, VP for Research and Innovation, represented MUBS in the Global Partners in Education Conference in North Carolina on May 17, 2017. The conference explored current challenges to education in sessions that included over 20 universities from Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
As the only university from Lebanon participating in the proceedings of this 10th conference, Dr. Alami discussed the valuable opportunities our global partners could provide Lebanese students, the status of higher education in the country, as well as circumstances and prospects in the sector. In a speech to the attendees, Dr. Alami stressed the importance of education in breaking down barriers of divisiveness and misunderstand at a time when political turmoil is emphasizing cultural differences rather than overcoming preconceptions and stereotype threat.
Throughout the conference, a number of meetings were held, setting in motion new partnerships, exchange programs, and collaborations in research and teaching, most notably with ECU Provost, Professor Ron Mitchelson and representatives of HAN University of Applied Sciences (Holland). Participants also toured ECU campus and facilities, including their business incubator, supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses. ECU highlighted the effective role the university has undertaken in advancing the socioeconomic situation in North Carolina, becoming a hub for healthcare services, business development, and a hub for international partnerships. The conference concluded with an agreement to further the Global Understanding classes to include students from disciplines ranging from Liberal Arts to Health Sciences and reformulation of the membership criteria for universities in the GPE Program. The next Global Partners in Education Conference will be held in the Netherlands, hosted by HAN University.

Over 1000 Students Benefit from FREE Health Screening as part of MUBS Health Awareness Campaigns

Over the past months, the School of Health Sciences at MUBS completed an unprecedented health awareness campaign in Lebanese schools around the country, benefiting over 1050 students who underwent health screening that included glucose level testing, visual acuity screening, body composition testing, and Body Mass Index (BMI) assessments. These services were offered free of charge to schools in rural and urban settings, private as well as public schools. In line with the University's mission of community engagement and within the framework of social responsibility, a team of medical doctors, optometrists, and dietitians, supported by distinguished students of Public Health, Nutrition, and Optometry & Vision Science from the School of Health Sciences took part in the remarkable campaign. In addition to the screenings, students attended lectures discussing the latest discoveries and issues in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Optometry.
As a sponsor of the campaign, Roche - Lebanon has generously funded materials used for glucose testing including glucose meters, strips and Accu-Check Safe-T-Pro Uno units.
The visits included the following schools: Marroun Aboud Ebadeyi, Marroun Aboud Aley, Shouf National College, European Lebanese School, NOA School Kabreshmoun, Grand Lycee Barja, Lebanese American School, Saint Joseph de l’Apparition, Kfarhim High School, Hariri High School II, Shahid Hassan Kassir Beirut, Pine Modern College Beirut, Ras Al Matn, and a health orientation session at Charite School-Beirut.
The health campaign will continue in new locations, targeting children and adults in various areas of the country, expanding the benefits to more Lebanese and non-Lebanese citizens in need of medical attention.

MUBS Graphic Design Students Won at LibanPack Competition

MUBS Graphic Design students won the Pan Arab award in the Arab Student Star Pack competition organized by UNIDO and LibanPack. Eleven Arab countries and more than 1000 participants have presented their projects, and MUBS shined and differentiated its brand name with 3 distinguished prizes in addition to 2 projects among the top ten.

The winners are as follows:
1-Pan Arab Award to Dayana Abdelkahlek for Save the Food Category
2-Liban Pack First Prize to Dayana Abdelkhalek for Save the Food category
3- Liban Pack Third Prize to Lilian Jaafar for Visual Packaging Category
4- Among the top 10 where NivineZahreddineand GhossounKheir for Visual Packaging and Structural Packaging Categories.

MUBS Basketball Team Won the Third Prize at Serbia

The Basketball Team at the Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) realized a unique achievement by finishing Third in the Belgrade-Serbia 2017 World Cup, one of the oldest and most important International Tournaments.
MUBS Team ranked Third among 12 different Teams participating in this Tournament from Serbia, Turkey, Greece, the Czech Republic, Algeria and Lebanon universities.

MUBS Nutrition Students Won the NUMED Competition

Congrats to our Nutrition students: Nathalie Al Jawhary, Joanna Ahmadieh, Marwa Sarieddine, and Reine Mahmoud who won the First place at the “Numed InterUniversity Competition” against teams from 8 different universities.
The MUBS team, supervised by Ms. Ruba AlHalabi, designed an educational game for adolescents under the name of "NutriWheel" which was selected by the jury members as the best project in the competition.

Share with us something that you couldn't do this summer, but you are determined to do next year. (Examples: Travel, intern, work, spend time w family etc..)?


I am hoping to be able to travel to Saudi Arabia to see my husband and have a nice vacation with my kids.


Although I missed the applications’ deadline, but I’m determined to apply to the Erasmus program next year.


I’m planning to start a job in my domain and spend more time with my family and friends.


I have to start going to gym! It was an “unhealthy” summer!

Nancy Ajab

I’m looking forward to dedicating my time to be a volunteer in the Red Cross. I love helping people!

Nancy Bou Karroum

I think I should have a long vacation! I couldn’t travel this year, but I won’t miss it next summer.


I’m going to start working next summer as the course load would be less than this year. In addition to my plan for a relaxing vacation abroad.


I think it would be the best time to change my car!


I was planning to travel but since I was a full time student during the summer semester I couldn’t do it, so I’m planning to travel next summer.


Unfortunately, this summer was one of the hardest summers for me. I was planning to travel with my family but things didn’t work out.


I was planning to do a lot of things with my friends, like travelling, going to the beach, and having fun, but couldn’t do any of this because I was slammed with my studies.


I was planning to travel this summer but spending time in the university and having a loaded summer semester took a lot of my time, so I hope I will travel next year.


I missed the outdoor activities this year! I’m planning to go for many hunting trips next summer.


It will be the best time to relax and have a long vacation.


Vacation, vacation, and beach! I want to experience the real Summer after I graduate.


I missed being with my childhood friends, so I’m hoping to hang out more with them next year.

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