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About MUBS Incubator

MUBS Incubator for Rural Entrepreneurs

The MUBS Incubator for Rural Entrepreneurs aims at encouraging and supporting rural development projects in Rashaya and Semqaniye, and supporting young entrepreneurs passionate about community development and public service, as well as self-development and growth.  Entities and ventures housed within the Incubator are accepted at any phase of development (idea, early, or late implementation and growth), and are required to provide a clear development plan and a detailed description of the positive impact their work will have in the community.


Our missions is to inspire the local community and its youth to lead initiatives that aim to solve the most pressing challenges that hinder their progress and development on a social, economic, and cultural levels.  Through the careful and continuous training and guidance of MUBS, local change makers will receive the necessary tools to establish and grow their business ventures, lay down an ideal business strategy, market their products or services, and potentially partner with other organizations to expedite their growth on a local and regional level.

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