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MATRE Tempus Project Update

On September 3 & 4, 2014 , Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) organized a project meeting attended by representatives of partner universities from Lebanon, Syria, Germany, Spain and Lithuania as part of the TEMPUS MATRE project activities. The purpose of the Tempus MATRE project is to contribute towards modernizing the higher education sector in Lebanon and Syria by establishing two centers (including one at MUBS) for international quality research & sustainable curricula in the Business, Economics & Management fields.

The meeting was opened by MUBS Vice President for International Affairs and National Coordinator of the project in Lebanon Dr. Bassem Kaissi who welcomed all present, introduced the project and presented the objectives of the meeting.

Dr. Tariq Mahmoud representing the coordinating institution OldenBurg University (Germany) , communicated the achievements of the project so far and its future activities, including the establishment of the centers, bonds strengthening & networks with Lebanese/Syrian business & industry, and suggesting a national policy paper & a plan for future centers sustainability.

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