The Central Accreditation Committee comprises of the following members:

 Provost: Dr. Nael Alami

 Quality Assurance Office: Dr. Iman Rabah

 Institutional Research: Mr. Nadim Tabbal (Chair)

 School of Health Sciences: Dr. Nina Zeidan 

 International School of Business: Ms. Razan Baradhi

 School of Education: Ms Hanin Ibrahim

 School of Computer and Applied Sciences: Mr. Rabih Tarraf

 Design Department: Mrs. Rima Ammar

 Social Work Department:Muhieddine Balhawan

 English Program: Mrs. Manal Ahmad 

 Elective Courses: Dr. Nagham Abou Shakra 

 Human Resources: Mrs. Najwa Rafeh 

 Registrar: Mrs. Diana Nahle 

 Admission: Mrs Wida Bouhadir 

 IT: Mr. Mohamad Ghzayel 

 Student Affairs: Ms. Lama Radwan

 Research Office: Dr. wissam Ghash

 Financial Department: Mr. Wissam Sleem 

 Library: 

 Student Success: Mr. Samer Daou 

 Industry Liaison: Mrs. Hikmat Daou 

 Committee Coordinator: Mr. Nadim Tabbal

 NWN: Ms. Lora Ajab

 Students’ representative