The Student Success Committee comprises of the following members:


Vice President: Dr. Nael Alami

Dean of Quality Assurance: Dr. Iman Rabah

Student Affairs: Ms. Salwa Shmeit

English Department: Ms. Ghada Attie(Chair)

School of Health Sciences: Dr. Firas Azzam

International School of Business: Dr. Hady El Hady

School of Computer and Applied Sciences: Mr. Nael Zahreddine

Education Department: Ms. Samar Bou Zeinedine

Social Work: Ms. Amal Hawari

Art and Design Department: Ms. Loubna Malaeb  

Elective Course Program representative: Dr. Nagham bou Shakra

University Life and Events: Ms. Sara Abilmona, Ms. Myrna Sarji
Students’ Representative