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On Friday, May 2, 2014, the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Modern University for Business and Science (FHS - MUBS) launched, in collaboration with researchers and faculty from the American University of Beirut, Harvard (USA), Columbia (USA), and Durham (UK) universities its Annual Science Rally Competition. The competition is aimed at Lebanese Baccalaureate students (Grade 11) and focuses on the “WHY” of scientific phenomena in everyday life.

The event was a huge success, and commenced at 3 pm with a keynote address by Dr. Hatem Alameh, chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Manal Chebbo from FHS. Following the speeches, the audience that included students, their parents, teachers, and faculty watched as teams from twelve highly respected schools competed for the first prize and prove their scientific knowledge.

The goal of the competition is to foster a spirit of curiosity among the young generation, and encourage them to seek scientific answers to observations from their everyday life.

The teams competed over 4 rounds in front of a scientific jury consisting of: Dr. Manal Chebbo (MUBS), Dr. Hassan Zaraket (AUB), Dr. Ali El-Zaart (BAU), and Dr. Walid Meouch (MUBS). By the end of the competition, the finalists' rankings were as follows:

Winners: Le Grand lycée Team - Grand Lycée school
Second: The Lycée Team - Lycée National
Third: Whys Team - Amjad school

The winning team received five plane tickets to the team members and their coach/instructor. Teams ranked second and third received monetary awards.

The event was a great success, achieving its goal of raising scientific awareness and curiosity among the students in an atmosphere filled with healthy competition, gripping tension, and roaring enthusiasm that sent the winners home with awards, and those outside the top three rankings with more knowledge and determination to return next year to claim the top spots.


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