1. The Science Rally event will start at 3:00 pm.

2. The team members should be at the specified location at 2:00 pm on the day of the event. Delay or absence of any team will directly result in disqualification from the contest. 

3. The attending Bacc. students, cheering for their teams, should be at the event location at 2:30 pm sharp. 

4. The attendees should be accompanied by a teacher preferably a science teacher from each school. 

5. The official language to be used in the contest is English

6. There will be several rounds during the competition. For details regarding the round plan, please visit "Rounds section".

7. The competing teams will be asked 5 questions in each round. They have twenty seconds to think about the answer before pushing the buzzer. Once the buzzer is pushed, the team has to provide an answer immediately. Otherwise, the turn will be given to the competing team. 

8. Every correct answer gives the team one point. If the team gives an incorrect answer, they will not lose any point but the turn goes to the opposing team. 

9. If the team who hits the buzzer before the question ends, the turn directly goes to the opposing team.

10. Prestigious judges will be evaluating the answers and reporting the scores of the teams. 

11. During the rounds, any assistance or answers given out-loud by the audience will result in a warning to the teams’ audience. Repetitive violations will disqualify both teams to continue the competition unless the audience member who helped with the answers is clearly identified, therefore resulting in their team’s disqualification. 

12. Complete silence is requested from all the attendees during the competition rounds.