Chairperson, Associate Dean
Phone: +961 1 371 885
Mailing Address: Modern University for Business & Science
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Prof. Saleh, Fred

Chairperson, Associate Dean



  • PhD, Health Sciences (Nursing), The University of Sydney, Australia.
  • MSc, Health Sciences (Human Morphology), The American University of Beirut.
  • BSc, Nursing, The American University of Beirut.


  • Winner of the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)ASPIRE-to-Excellence Award for Student Engagement, 2017.
  • Distinguished Researcher Prize for the Academic Year 2015-2016, Al-Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University. Prize presented by the ActingPresident of the University.
  • Distinguished Researcher Prize for the Academic Year 2014-2015, Al-Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University. Prize presented by the President ofthe University.
  • The Best Faculty for the Academic Year 2004-2005. Award presented inperson by the Minister of Education & Higher Education and the President ofKuwait University His Highness Sheikh Rachid Al-Hamad.
  •  Poppy Joseph Haddad Memorial Award. School of Nursing, AmericanUniversity of Beirut, July 1992.

Short Bio

A graduate from the University of Sydney, Australia, Professor Dr. FredSaleh has recently joined MUBS as Associate Dean and Chairman of theDepartment of Nursing.

He brings with him over 26 years international experience in highereducation at prestigious universities and hospitals around the world, be it innursing and medical education, clinical practice, accreditation, licensing,curriculum design and development, student-recruitment, assessment andevaluation, quality assurance, modern teaching and learning, simulation,and gap-bridging between higher education and the industry.

He is a winner of many international awards, including the Association ofMedical Education in Europe (AMEE) ASPIRE-to-Excellence Award forStudent Engagement, and Distinguished Researcher Awards.

A member of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), theNSW Nurses Registration Board, and the Order of Nurses in Lebanon,Professor Saleh has a rich international experience in establishing new andmodern Schools of Nursing, degree programs in Nursing, and tailor-made-market-oriented Nursing qualifications.

His international publications have reached over 550 citations, and he hasbeen a key-note speaker in over 30 international conferences. He has beenserving on the Editorial Board of several international journals.

His research focuses on innovations in teaching and learning includingtechnology, bridging gaps between higher education and industry, ruralhealth and community Nursing, creating the Universal Nurse, life-longlearning, Nursing skills and clinical competency development andassessment in hospitals, curriculum design, leadership in Nursing practice,and cancer research, to name a few. He has supervised many BS Honours,Certificate, Diploma, Masters, and PhD students to thesis completion, andhas won many research grants.

He is a member of several prestigious international professional bodies,associations, and societies, such as Nursing and Midwifery Board ofAustralia (NMBA), the NSW Nurses Registration Board, Australian Collegeof Nursing (ACN), European Federation of Nurse Educators (FINE), Societyfor Simulation in Health Care (SSHC), International Association of ForensicNurses (IAFN), Australian and New Zealand Association for HealthProfessional Educators (ANZAHPE), International Network for QualityAssurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), Agency forHealthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), International Network for HealthWorkforce Education (INHWE), Association for Tertiary EducationManagement (ATEM), International Association of Medical ScienceEducators (IAMSE), Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE),Australian & New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists (ANZACA),International Association of Medical Examiners and Coroners (IAME&C),and Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (Royal Faculty of Physicians).

Current Research Projects & Grants

1. Nursing licensing and accreditation: The Universal Nurse Project.
2. Rural nursing: From education to practice.
3. Bridging the gap between higher education and the market: The Nursingapproach.
4. Forensic Nursing: Capacity building for a rare specialty.
5. Cancer prevalence.
6. The Nurse Specialist: Education, competencies, and skills.
7. Cancer immunotherapy.


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B) Submitted:
Saleh F. Evaluation of Degree Retention of Clinical Skills among Nursing Students Enrolled in an Integrated-Spiral Model Nursing Degree Program.

C) In Preparation:
1) Saleh F: Community Nursing in the Middle East and North Africa: Where do we Stand, and What Needs to be Done?
2) Saleh F: Why Forensic Nursing is Still Lacking in the Middle East and North Africa?
3) Saleh F: Is Nursing Informatics an Integral Part of Nursing Education in Middle East and North Africa?
4) Saleh F. Distribution of Nursing Specialties by Geographic Locations using GIS: How to Optimize?
5) Saleh F. Nursing Education: Shaping the Curriculum- Shaping Future Health Professionals.
6) Saleh F. A New Way of Integrating Clinical Sciences into Non-Traditional Nursing Curricula.
7) Saleh F. Higher Education: Mass Graduates or Quality Ones?
8) Saleh F. Epidemiology of Cancer: Clusters of Various Cancer Types in the Middle East and North Africa.