Full Time Faculty
Computer Science
E-mail: maridi@mubs.edu.lb
Phone: 05601801
Mailing Address: Modern University for Business & Science
Aley Campus

Ms. Aridi, Mona

Full Time Faculty

Computer Science


  • BS in Math and Physics
  • Master's Degree in Quality Performance



Short Bio

Mona Aridi is a full-time instructor at the Modern University for Business andScience – MUBS. She delivers Math and Statistics Courses for all Majors ofBusiness and she is responsible as well of the Math courses for theComputer Science Department. Mona has worked in the field of qualityperformance, Participated in many conferences and had publications in thefield of “Quality Performance Management”. Being her field of research,quality has been her inspiration as well, from this perspective she isfollowing up with a lot of internship students at MUBS believing that aconstructive attitude is key to enhancing confidence and succeedingacademic goals.

Current Research Projects & Grants



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