Instructor, Nutrition and Dietetics Department
School of Health Sciences
Phone: 00961 5 601 801
Mailing Address: Modern University for Business & Science Main Campus Damour Near Mechref Enterance

Ms. Jreij, Wissam

Instructor, Nutrition and Dietetics Department

School of Health Sciences


  • Certificate of mastering techniques cooking and pastry classes, 2017 – La Cuisine Paris (Paris, France)
  • Hospital training in clinical dietetics and food safety, 2014 - BGUH, Lebanon
  • Work permit in clinical dietetics, 2014– MOPH, Lebanon
  • M.Sc. Human Nutrition, 2013 - Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
  • B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics, 2011- Saint Joseph University, Lebanon



Short Bio

Wissam Jreij received her B.Sc. (2011) and M.Sc. (2013) Degrees in Nutrition from Saint Joseph University (USJ), Lebanon. Ms. Jreij worked on many projects and research papers during her master years correlating nutrition and the oral/dentalhealth (aphtoses and vitamin B12, oral implications of malnutrition, factors affecting dental caries in children) in collaboration with the USJ dental care center, as well as water pollution, and gluten-free products in the Lebanese market. In 2013, she wrote her M.Sc. thesis about impaired glycemic control of type 1 diabetic teens in collaboration with the Chronic Care Center, Lebanon. She then conducted a 9-months hospital training in the Beirut Governmental University Hospital BGUH in dietetics and food service, and received her work permit as a clinical dietitian in July 2014. Soon after receiving her work permit, she opened her own organic and health food shop in 2015.In parallel, she worked with USJ on a common project with AUB connecting dietary habits and vitamin D deficiency. In 2016, she joined the University of Balamand (UOB) as a part time lecturer and research assistant. She assisted students in their graduation research projects and worked on different research themes in the UOB lab and farm including caprins’ health and nutrition and food safety of the farm’s dairy product. She recently joined MUBS team as a part-time instructor in the Nutrition and Dietetics Department, School of Health Sciences. In addition, she currently works as a clinical dietitian at a private practice and is a volunteer at Caritas Lebanon since 2015.

Current Research Projects & Grants

Organic food trends and nutrition related diseases: The aim of this research is to explore the benefits of eating organic food on the health status and nutrition-related diseases prevalence, prevention, and treatment. The uncontrolled usage of pesticides and other chemicals in the Lebanese agriculture is a growing health concern. More and more research papers correlate their toxicity to chronic diseases such as dyslipidemia, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and many other, while the Lebanese consumer’s perception to the benefits of eating organic (at a higher price) is still limited. More specific research is needed to reinforce the importance of eating clean into the Lebanese people’s concepts and behaviors, as well as pushing the Lebanese authorities into issuing a well-controlled plan for using pesticides in agricultural territories within the acceptable limits only and under supervision.