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Ms. Ammar, Rima


Art & Design Department


Diplôme d'études Supérieures in Architecture, DES



Short Bio

Rima Ammar is the Chair of the Art & Design Department at MUBS, Rima isan Architect graduated from the Lebanese University. She has experience invarious areas of architectural design, consulting, and project supervision.Her responsibilities involved several building projects, they includedCommercial, Residential, and Health Buildings.
With a passion for visual arts, Rima developed skills in teachingArchitecture, Interior Design, and Graphic Design. Her love for nature makesher an eco-friendly person and this is reflected in her way of life andteaching methods, through developing new approaches for Green designeducation. She designed curriculums for Interior Design program,architecture program, and Master of Graphic Design program.
Rima believes in teamwork and in the space, each member needs tounleash his creativity to achieve the department goals, she leads byexample and finds it rewarding looking at the satisfying results when itcomes to the team contentment and team achievements with the studentslike winning national and international art competitions among many otherachievements.
Rima's first concern in addition to providing competitive programs that areupdated periodically as per the market's needs is to graduate consciouspersons that will be added value to their community and that will contributeto sustainable development.

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