Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

MUBS has launched the National Wellness Network (NWN) to exploit intellectual property that has originated from within the institution.

The following goals provide the framework through which NWN serves the community and the stakeholders of MUBS:

  • To provide community individuals at all ages equal opportunity to access health-wellness related programs, services, and events.
  • To promote healthy habits, prevent illness and disease, and reduce risk factors.
  • To work administratively and environmentally in reducing health barriers to promote healthy lifestyles
  • To place value on personal well-being as a necessity to learn, be productive and contribute to society in everyday life.
  • To provide current, reliable, and accurate health information to the community through educational programs and seminars.
  • To be considerate to the community diverse backgrounds, cultural norms, and beliefs.
  • To contribute and coordinate with professional organizations at local, national, and regional levels.
  • To establish and maintain collaborative professional relationships with the community
  • To assess services provided and continually strive to improve those services. 
  • Provide timely and quality care to all our members by qualified professionals, while maintaining confidentiality of personal, medical information, and fitness evaluations.
  • Continued growth in proportion to the increase of members to provide quality services in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with organizations and corporates to ensure the success of the center.
  • Coordinate cross-training and education efforts to improve community knowledge and awareness regarding different wellness issues.
  • Prompt, professional health intervention, follow up, schedule availability for patient intake, assessment, and medical treatment.
  • Provide a comprehensive wellness initiative to include expanded outreach efforts, health awareness/treatment, nutritional workshops, fitness sessions, and educational seminars.
  • Educating the community on the benefits of the wellness center, and maintain adequate funding for maintenance and expansion of wellness program.
  • Acquire/maintain of required licensure for medical and technical staff as mandated by law. 


Research income comes from research funding bodies within research and community engagement projects and from Erasmus + through capacity building projects funded under the former Tempus Programme.